jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Switzerland / Italy: The offender Benito Mussolini expelled from Bern.

         On June 19, 1903, the Bern police record Mussolini, the future Duce as an offender who is expelled from the Helvetic territory. June 30, 1903, he was reappointed by train to Chiasso and handed over to Italian authorities on suspicion of pushing the Italian workers to strike.
He had spent two years in Switzerland fleeing poverty and military service in Italy. Substitute teacher in a primary school in Galtieri in the Italian province of Emilia, his contract is not renewed following a relationship with a married woman whose husband was in military service.
He arrived in Switzerland July 9, 1902 with the intention to go to Geneva. He lived in Yverdon and Orb (in the canton of Vaud) and works a few days as a laborer. On July 24, 1902, he was arrested by police for vagrancy in Lausanne after a night under the arches of a bridge. He was only 15 cents on him, his passport and diploma from the college.
In late 1903, he is found in Geneva. He enrolled at the University of Lausanne, where he attended for a few months, the price of Sociology Professor Vilfredo Pareto. In late November 1904, he returned to Italy after being granted an amnesty granted after the birth of Crown Prince Umberto of Savoy. He performs other stays in Switzerland between 1908 and 1910.
In Lugano, he worked as a mason for example on construction sites and road ferroviaires. In 1937, Lausanne University awarded him a doctorate "honoris causa" for his modest way ... but in the meantime he had become the "Duce".
He wrote in "The Avvenire del Lavoratore": "Today, we can not reach the ease with honest means."
The rest is history!

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