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Switzerland / Libya: The Curse of Colonel Gaddafi in Switzerland.

The Libyan crescent against the Helvetic white cross !

The death of Qaddafi Mo'ammar October 20, 2011 was followed by attention in Switzerland. Many of my fellow e are happy inside and said "Good riddance" after were victims of a diplomatic crisis between Switzerland and Libya.
The Law of Talion made by his daughter Aisha Gaddafi in Geneva of Switzerland the place was scrupulously observed in Libya.
Vendetta after vendetta, the Qadhafi family took revenge by removing July 18, 2008, two Swiss hostages innocent (Rachid Hamdani and Max Goldi, released in January 2010) and closing multinationals Helvetic installed in Libya.
The alleged victim of the arrest "muscular" by Swiss police of Hannibal Gaddafi had even publicly threatened to bomb the city of Geneva (if he had).
"In hoc signo vinces (In this sign you will conquer)"!

This is in diplomatic swiss-libyan crisis during the Arab spring hit Libya and removed six months later his almighty guide bombs of NATO.
The Swiss, who usually can not stand to see violence in the world (requires Red Cross) have hardly compatible before the horrific pictures of a bloodied man lynched and dragged to the cheers of his torturers. Let alone before the tears of his daughter Aisha television Gaddafi.
The Swiss TV reporter threatened with removal (or worse) was content to give news from Benghazi to the release of the Swiss embassy in Tripoli damaged.
Without this diplomatic crisis, Switzerland would certainly have received the Gaddafi family and dozens of Libyan refugees and would have had to make the new Libyan authorities millions of dollars deposited in banks.
Gaddafi had bothered to remove any before starting hostilities. And the fund manager of the Foundation in Geneva, but lay not in the village of Prévessin-Moens, in the Pays de Gex, at the Franco-Swiss border. One less worry for diplomacy Helvetic. These funds are certainly come back in Switzerland but in a legal "cleared of suspicion."
The Times recently reported the story of an investment fund manager of the City which, in late February, was offered to manage $ 3 billion on behalf of a Swiss intermediary. He refused when he  discover that the money came from the Gaddafi family, but nothing at the time no pressure to do so because the Swiss facilitator was "perfectly legitimate".

The suites of the case or Hannibal venomous tail of the devil.

Misfortunes never come singly, now that Professor Harvey Rishikof, expert on international terrorism and head of internal security of the War College in Washington, calls for $ 10 million (9.44 million Swiss frocks) to Switzerland following the accidental death of his wife, Trudi Rishikof (64) in Washington. Member of the Board of Directors of the French Alliance, she was crushed in a street in the U.S. capital by a car driver employed by the Moroccan Embassy Switzerland United States. The driver was none other than former employee of Hannibal Gaddafi in which the scandal had happened.
According to Blick, "the widower complaint not only against the at fault, but also against the Swiss Embassy, ​​because the man was an employee of the embassy said when he overthrew a brutal and negligent the victim. "

Exfiltrated by Switzerland to avoid him the vengeance of the son of Gaddafi.

On July 15, 2008, the employee and his colleague, both Moroccans tortured at the Hotel President in Geneva by their employers had alerted the Geneva police who arrested Aline Skaf Kadhafi (eight months pregnant to Hannibal II) and her husband, Hannibal. It was this arrest that triggered what is called in Switzerland "The case Gaddafi."
For him not to suffer the condemnation of Gaddafi in Switzerland or their country Morocco, both of slaves couple "torturers" were exfiltrated in United States and received U.S. passports under pseudonyms.
The employee had been trained and employed as a driver of the Swiss ambassador in Washington since 2009.
On October 6, 2011, the Moroccan phone while driving when he struck the victim while she was crossing the road when the light was green for pedestrians.
When asked, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bern said Thursday he had not been "officially informed of the filing of such complaint."
         It is important not to wake the devil whose body is not completely consumed.
Hannibal Gaddafi, his half-brother Mohamed, his sister and their mother Aisha Safiya Farkash were welcomed in Algeria August 29, 2011 where they have probably rehashing their exploits and their crimes when they still had the power to torture and kill without being disturbed ! It is not known where Aline Skaf Gaddafi. Is it just returned to Lebanon, his home country with her children and Alissar Hannibal II?
As for the Geneva police, she was cleared of all suspicion because in August 2011, following the fall of the Gaddafi regime, "CNN discovered in a luxurious residence of Hannibal Gaddafi, the governess of his children, Mullah Shweyga , an Ethiopian 30 years has been scalded and tortured by Aline Gaddafi. "
While Hannibal Gaddafi and Aline torturers or not?

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