jeudi 12 janvier 2012

United States: Antonio Böhler, the hidden son of JFKennedy for 64 years.

In March 2009, Lisa Lanett, née Elisabeth Hortenau a lady of 87 years to move to Vienna, made a startling revelation to the reporter of the daily Kurier Georg Markus: In 1945, she had a son with the future President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Lisa Lanett is not just anybody: she is the granddaughter of Archduke Otto von Habsburg-Lauraine, father of Charles I, last emperor of Austria-Hungary.
After the Anschluss in 1938, Elisabeth Hortenau takes refuge in Phoenix, Arizona with her mother Charlotte where they open a motel, Moterrey Lodge.
In 1942 at age 21, she met a young officer named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 25, who has been injured in the Pacific Ocean off the Solomon Islands. They fall in love together and visit Miami, New York before spending a week in Cuba.
In 1945, she became pregnant with JFK, but refuses to marry him because she dreams of a career as a dancer and actress.
His mother married his second wife Charlotte Richard Böhler, an Austrian industrialist who agrees to adopt the child born September 29, 1945 and bearing the name of Antonio Böhler.
Lisa had six husbands long to believe his son that his father was her first husband, the Mexican Juan del Puerto.
Only 30 years old, she tells him the truth.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy became president of the United States will pay to Tony studied at the Peekskill Military Academy in New York in 1960.
Divorced, father of two, after taking an art gallery, Tony spent his retirement in California.
He is ready to test A.D.N. to disprove the skeptics and bring out the truth.
Another American, Jack Worthington, born November 22, 1961 a Texan who lives in Vancouver, Canada, and whose resemblance to John F. Kennedy is striking, also called a test to prove he is his son.

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