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Uruguay / France: Sarkozy declares war to Uruguay!

In his speech at the G20 summit in Cannes November 4, 2011, when French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave the Uruguay as a tax haven to be banned, he never imagined that this small country far away, would take his example as "a declaration of war."

The statesman who hate tax havens.

         In several of his speeches to justify the economic crisis that has plagued Europe, Nicolas Sarkozy attacked violently countries that protect their "bank secrecy" and commonly called tax havens. They are accused of being the black sheep of the world economy must be "put beyond the pale of the international community."
         This justifies the use of dishonest methods used by the French government often to get to Switzerland including lists of accounts of his fellow tax evaders. This also justifies its refusal to sign bilateral withholding tax and exchange tax information provided generously by Switzerland without revised its constitution.
         Several bilateral agreements signed by the United States and European countries are rational, that is to say, Germany and Britain in particular. Initiative certainly unacceptable by the majority of the Swiss, especially as the Euro plunges into the European Union in an unprecedented economic downturn.

Tax havens as scapegoats of choice.

         Lead a France that de-industrialized every day and lose millions of jobs, losing at the same time attractive and superb economic, is not easy. But to imagine that a few million Euros repatriated offshore accounts of its citizens will replenish the national treasure of France and to prevent loss of the next triple A rating agencies in financial members of the "Big Three" (Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and Moody's), the equation becomes insolvent.
         That is why aside, Uruguay, the other tax havens have not regularly taken the time to address this incongruity nth and considered that it was rather a pre-election propaganda speeches. A speech repeatedly harped that now looks like an old broken record! ... And who could produce the opposite effect to initial goal sought by pushing the French to invest their funds in tax havens especially with the uncertainty on the euro!

Sarkozy, Treaty of barbaric, crazy, ignorant and neocolonialism in Montevideo!

         The Uruguayans are fallen from the sky listening to the French president cited the country from the tax and did not appreciate.
Indignant, the Uruguayan government immediately summoned the French ambassador in Montevideo for an explanation and presto recalled its ambassador to Paris for consultation.
         All Uruguayan politicians from left and right, all media commented rather derogatory vis-à-vis Nicolas Sarkozy. They dealt with "crazy", "ignorant"
of "neo-colonialist” and worst of  "barbaric ".
         "It's a serious accusation made by a president. While one might think that this is a moment of madness from Sarkozy, crushed by the crisis of the euro and the corruption of banks, take it seriously, "
wrote Raul Legnani in La República.
         In his article "Cruelty colonial Sarkozy will not go",
the same editorial continues: "This is almost a declaration of war on a small piece of land where there are three million inhabitants, whose main sport is to go jogging at the supermarket or to see the football matches of their children."
The Political Committee of the Broad Front (FA), a coalition of left parties in power, issued a statement to reject the statements "colonialist tendencies" of Sarkozy, reports, El Observador.
         For the Uruguayan government, "Sarkozy's remarks represent exaggerations and excesses unacceptable",
especially as France and Uruguay signed a bilateral tax information exchange in late 2009, said the Diaria. The opposition has intensified the crisis, accusing Brazil and Argentina, the G20, to be responsible for these charges.
         On November 7, 2011 in an interview in El Observador, President Jose "Pepe" Mujica on his part joked: 'But we do not declare war on France. (...) I think that Sarkozy had a little falling out with his beautiful wife, he was in trouble. It happens to everyone."

Sixty years ago, Uruguay was known as "Switzerland of America".

         From 1973 to 1984, Uruguay experienced a dictatorship before the return of democracy and the rise to power of the Marxist left in 2010 with the former guerrilla Jose "Pépé" Mujica. After being enrolled knew the blacklist of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Uruguay figure since April 2009 on the "gray list" consists of countries that have not implemented all standards international tax transparency.
According to the Minister of Economy and Finance of Uruguay, Fernando Lorenzo, "the country has signed two agreements on fiscal transparency required by the OECD."
         The government has committed to begin negotiations on the subject with its neighbors, Brazil and Argentina.

President Jose Mujica, leader atypical.

         José Mujica, 76, affectionately known as "Pépé" still resides in his small farm on the outskirts of Montevideo and pays 70% of his salary of 230,000 pesos (8,800 euros) to his party, the "Frente Ampli" and an organization of assistance to social housing that he created.
         For possession, he had an old Volkswagen from 1987 estimated at 1,500 euros, making him the poorest president of Latin America or the world.
         Former Tupamaros guerrilla, former agriculture minister in the government of Tabare Vazquez (2005-2010), he was elected November 29, 2009 with 54.83% after thirteen years in prison during the dictatorship.
         To follow his example, officials are required to make public their income tax return with all their possessions and discuss before the Board of Transparency and ethical service.
         His wife, Lucia Topolansky (born 1944), former prisoner of the National Liberation Movement-Tupamaros of the dictatorship (1972-1985), elected MP in 2004 and senator since February 2009, offers volunteers the signing of a contract that provides eight hours of work per week without pay or insurance coverage to build houses for the poor.
         Uruguay is sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil covers an area of ​​176,220 Km2. Its population was estimated at 3,477,778 inhabitants in 2008. Small prosperous country, its gross national income per capita of 8,260 dollars with a GDP growth of over 8.9%. The unemployment rate is 7.8%. Life expectancy of Uruguayans is 75 years and is the highest in Latin America. Its literacy rate is 98.1%.

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