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USA: The Poisons of the CIA to liquidate the progressive leaders.

         "I learned later that PROP was the code of a highly confidential transaction that I had to plan and implement. At first only, Allan Welsh Dulles (1893-1969), Richard M. Bissell Jr. (1910-1994), Bronson Tweedy (leader of the Africa Division), Glenn Fields (B. Tweedy's assistant) and I same should be aware of the operation. About a week later, I saw a man whom I recognized immediately rising from a coffee table on the other side of the street, when I left the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa. He was a senior, a chemist known, I have known for some time. He came to me and we got into my car. "
-Joe-I'm in Paris, I came to give you instructions about a highly sensitive operation, he said!
... He came to the Congo with deadly poisons to assassinate Lumumba and this task was entrusted to me tells Larry Devlin (1922-2008) in his memoirs.
-Who authorized this?
I asked.
-President Eisenhower,
said Joe of Paris before moving:
"I was not there when he agreed, but Dick Bissell said he wanted to get rid of Lumumba ...You are responsible to carry out this operation, and only you. It's up to you the details but do not leave behind an index that would back the U.S. government. "
Then Joe pulled out a small package.
"With what's in this package, no one will ever know that Lumumba was assassinated."
-Joe gave him several poisons. One of them was in a tube of toothpaste. If Lumumba was used, it would be like to die of polio. Joe (Sydney Gotlieb) to Devlin explained that he could use other methods, provided that the U.S. government can not be held responsible for responsible for the assassination.
- "I was allowed to spend up to $ 100,000 on any operation that seemed feasible if time did not allow referring to headquarters first. Washington was so determined to get rid of Lumumba. "
".. I was convinced that the Congolese themselves solve the problem Lumumba. It was their problem and I saw no reason to relieve that burden. "

On January 17, 1961, Lumumba was murdered in Katanga by the secessionist government of Moise Tshombe with the support of the Belgians.
"We dismissed Lumumba from power because the Soviet Union wanted to use him and the Congo as a springboard to other African countries,"
he wrote.
Extract from the memoirs of Larry Devlin: "Memoirs of a CIA agent. My life as a police chief during the Cold War,
Jordan Publisher, Waterloo, 2009. "

The CIA supported the Mafia to poison Fidel Castro.

         In 1960, the C.I.A, then headed Allen W. Dulles had contacted Johnny Roselli (Filippo Sacco) (1905-1976), a mafia boss, former right hand man of Al Capone (1899-1947), responsible for recruiting men to poison the food of Cuban President Fidel Castro. In March 1961, Roselli received from John O'Connell and 10,000 pills of poison Castro dollars for the Fontainebleu Hotel.
         On March 13, 1961, Roselli gave money and poison and also recruited Rafael Macho Meyer Lansky (Majer Suchowliński) (1902-1983) and Richard Cain (1931-1973). The transaction fell through when the men of the Mafia took advantage of the operation to monitor the hotel room in Las Vegas with his girlfriend whom he suspected of infidelity.
         Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968), brother of President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) and Minister of Justice personally directed the operation attempt to eliminate Fidel Castro.
         Roselli was murdered in 1976 after agreeing to testify before the HSCA, the Commission of Inquiry of the House of Representatives of the United States, the conclusions concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy are totally against those of the Warren Report.
This is one of 700 pages of confidential documents declassified by the CIA in 2007.

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