dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Zambia: Damn primate!

Elected in October 2008, the Zambian President Rupiah Banda (born 1937) who came to renew his bid for 2011 was a very unpleasant surprise during his press conference on the Zambian economy June 24, 2009.
         A monkey that has taken up residence in a tree overlooking her desk urinated on him.
"You have urinated on my jacket. I'm going to feed you to Michael Sata", his main rival he defeated October 30, 2008, he exclaimed jokingly.
"Our growth prospects have decreased so that the expected gross domestic product has now been revised down to around 4% or below."
And if the monkey was right. After all, the Zambian economy was now in such a state of advanced disrepair!
But he had no idea then was that Michael Chilufya (born 1937), nicknamed "King Cobra", candidate of the Patriotic Front was going to beat him at the next election and his successor as President of Zambia, September 23, 2011.

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