vendredi 6 janvier 2012

Zimbabwe: The worst insult to hurt President Robert Mugabe!

         Ms. Lynette Karenia, 38, Member of the District of Chimanimani West, has just spent Christmas in jail before being released on bail, reports the official daily Herald.
         On December 9, 2011, during the gathering of the MDC, she lent the  President Robert Mugabe
         The New Zimbabwe, the prosecutor in charge of the case, Truman Joma, said Lynette Karenia accused President Mugabe to hold a double standard in criticizing and accusing the party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to be a party pro-gay, while Robert Mugabe himself had lent to "homosexual."
         According to the Herald, Lynette Karenia, member of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was released against a deposit of 200 USD after spending seven days behind bars, accused of "insulting the president and undermining his authority."
         The court accused him of having said at a rally of MDC in the province on December 9: "President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF (his party Ed) had homosexual relationships" with Canaan Banana Sodindo and with another politician in the country.
         According to the Herald, "she refutes the charges against her."
But what has bitten this honorable lady? Dare accuse the President of Zimbabwe to homosexuality, he treats homosexuals "worse than pigs and dogs? "
         Has not been sentenced to life in prison his predecessor Canaan Banana Sodindo (1936-2003) proved to his homosexuality?

Homosexuality, a very serious crime in Zimbabwe.

         Following the last Commonwealth summit held in late October in Australia, the British Prime Minister David Cameron had threatened to exclude aid programs British countries do not respect the rights of homosexuals. A threat to which Zimbabwean President replied:
         "It's getting worse and satanic when you see a Cameron as Prime Minister declared that countries that want British aid must accept homosexuality. Make a suggestion as evil is stupid "

         In Zimbabwe, homosexuality is considered a crime. Robert Mugabe himself has recently said on this subject:
"Do not be tempted by that. If you take this direction, you will be severely punished. It is condemned by nature, by insects, it's worse than pigs or dogs. "
President Robert Gabriel Mugabe (87) and Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (59) co-run the country in a national unity government, whose training has prevented a civil war in 2009, but their parties are strongly antagonistic.

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