mardi 14 février 2012

China: Stop your crap, that we are drunk!

The city of Canton tackles officials speech rivers.

         When senior executives Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government are expressed in public, they drunk their listeners with endless speeches and often surly.
         The mayor of Guangzhou, Wang Qingliang considering limiting soporific speeches and suggests to impose a maximum one-hour speeches in Cantonese officials at major meetings. For smaller events, he suggested limiting the time to speak to 30 minutes.
         "I gave myself the example by making my speech in 58 minutes,"
said the mayor of the southern metropolis of Guangzhou on a daily basis.
         Charged in a monotone and a static posture, are a hallmark of Chinese Communist Party officials, generally not trained in the art of animating a speech.
         Sometimes these public speaking can last for hours, with a jargon marked by the hodgepodge of slogans and propaganda, they often plunge into sleep audiences, while being in full by state television.
         In 2009, a commentary published in the official newspaper Global Times deplored the lack of charisma of the Chinese leadership, questioning: "Why the speeches in China are so boring? "

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