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DRC: The first and only white deputy of Parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo arrested.

Born in 1948 in Uvira in South Kivu province, a Portuguese father and a Greek mother, Pierre Jacques Chalupa was arrested Tuesday, February 31, 2012 and transferred to the judicial police. He is charged with theft of Congolese nationality.

You are Congolese, but your skin is white.

"Chalupa, you are Congolese, but your skin is white. Us, we'll choose Uncle Jacques, "said the song in honor of Pierre Jacques Chalupa during his election campaign June 30, 2006.A successful campaign because he is the first white MP elected with more than 200,000 votes out of 1,700,000 voters in the constituency of Lukunga I among
9.707 Congolese black candidates  for a legislative election.Nicknamed by local media "The Congolese Jospin" because of its resemblance (glasses included) with former French Socialist prime minister Lionel Jospin, was labeled "centrist" and presented in the electoral district of the city of Lukunga Kinshasa, the Congolese capital.A beating of meetings and publicity, who appeared as a bold pioneer finally make a name and make us forget the white color of his skin and blue eyes.

The white man who saw himself President of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A force to print photos and other signs, the director of Plexi-Light stopped dreaming about the posters of others and decided to print his own effigy on these huge panels that adorn the wide avenues and boulevards of Kinshasa to alongside those of President Joseph Kabila who went out of its presses."I have no connection with him. This is a client like any other. I just developed the poster campaign, "he confided at the time.When he was asked for from when he dreamed of being elected, he replied: "My campaign does today's date. For thirty years I have been in the country. "His skin color was an asset or handicap: "I arrived at a time when the Congolese have lost faith in their brethren," he said to AFP.  

And his campaign manager, Robert Kisimba adds: "We want to test a different skin color.""This is not common, a white man who comes to elections in the DRC and in addition, appears Congolese," wrote Polydor Muboyayi, director of the Congolese daily Le Phare.Very ambitious, Pierre Jacques Chalupa was not dreaming just to be elected, but saw himself Minister of Tourism and Urban Development and Housing, and in five years, that is to say in 2011, candidate President of the Republic.

"You have to redo everything and rearrange everything in this country"

Born in the Belgian Congo from a European couple, married to a black Congolese, he spent his childhood in Leopoldville (Kinshasa). It moves away from the Congo only during his architectural studies in Brussels.Back in Kinshasa in 1999, he began advertising and Congolese naturalized. In 2006 he was elected to the Lukunga in Kinshasa. But he chose the wrong political camp, one of the opposition and became a notorious anti-Kabila.With a speech equally ambitious: "My program is focused on stabilizing prices, increasing purchasing power, tourism development and contrary to Nicolas Sarkozy, a selective immigration and suitable for foreigners who wish to open shops in the capital. I also want to change the Constitution.The texts of laws, such as immigration are no longer appropriate. The work is so because there are huge problems in the management of the state. We must reorganize everything and redo everything "

Citizenship legally acquired or assumed?

When filing his candidacy, Chalupa knew he had acquired Congolese nationality in a lucky dip. 

 Congolese Justice questioned his birth in Uvira, South Kivu where he would come with his parents at the age of seven. At his birth in 1948, his father was changing in the Burundian capital. She wants his family to produce his birth certificate. 
If he was born in RDC, why did he ask the little nationality in 1994?  Why did he not  obtain it? In addition Congolese nationality is exclusive, that is to say, it can not be held simultaneously with an other.  
The Portuguese he dared to take advantage of Congolese nationality without renouncing his nationality prior to birth: Portuguese or Greek? 
Or just pay him to be the wrong choice of his political allies? Why did he sided with the iconoclastic Etienne Tshisekedi who declared himself elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo instead of Mulopwe Kasai of the empire, his electoral stronghold?

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