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France / Cameroon: A French,mayor of Akono or the revenge of love on colonization.

Marie-Hélène Ngoa was born French and proud of it. She became Cameroonian by marriage  and by love of country. She has to spend 43 years of his life.Therefore, any widow she is, she was elected mayor of the commune in the department of Akono Mefou-and-Akono, Central province some sixty miles of the capital Yaounde. 
At Ngoumou, the political climate is heavy, but Marie-Hélène Ngoa has confidence in her balance sheet and hopes to get re-elected in July 2012 for a second term at the head of Akono."We do this work to show those who dosent we do not work, here only results count" she says in the local newspaper "News of the municipality of Akono"Everything is "delivery market in April, installation of water meters, electricity: cost of 2 million CFAF...". 

An interracial love story.

From the northern Paris, Marie-Helene Guislain, daughter of architect attended high school in Valenciennes and his graduate studies in Mathematics at the University of Lille.  

In 1966, at the end of her studies, she married Henri Ngoa, a recipient of a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cameroon. The young graduate is full of projects to develop his country. The couple settled in Cameroon November 2, 1968. 
They become both professors at the University of Yaounde. The couple lives happily and made five children. Alas, their happiness lasts only seven years since Henry died in 1985. 
To support his family, Marie -Hélène Ngoa  invests fully in teaching at the University of Yaounde and maintains her charities associations to  Akono, including one in the  hometown of her late husband, NkolNlong. 
Her reputation earned him elected deputy mayor of Akono in 1996.  
His term expires in 2002. She takes a liking to local politics and founded the ACAPA  with two other French married to Cameroonians. 
The association has 70 members from various groups and family groups.

She has done a good job, she will be reelected.

"In 1996, through the activities of my organization, I am asked by the mayor to serve as Deputy ... But against the autocracy of the mayor, I decided to run against him in 2002 ... Unfortunately I lost due to various shenanigans. But in July 2007, young people and women stormed the town to ensure my election as mayor. " 

At age 70, the Mayor is optimistic about his next reelection: "My opponent does not make the weight against me, I have no money to scour the country, but for me it is my assessment that will make my campaign ! " 
A view shared by most women and youth in the city of Akono: "The mayor has done a good job since she was elected, we are sure she will be reelected," said Estelle and young student the technical college Akono ...

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