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France / Chile: These French emigrants who gave birth to the Chilean presidents.

Michelle Bachelet on a pilgrimage to the village of his ancestors

         May 30, 2009, the former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Verónica (then aged 58) visited the village of his ancestors, Chassagne-Montrachet, Burgundy.
         This is the great-great grandfather of the former Chilean president who left his small village in Burgundy, there are over 150 years to found in Chile, a new line Bachelet.
         She found there other Bachelet, or descendants of Bachelet, dozens of cousins, talkative and radiant, although they have all rediscovered this branch of the family until the election of a woman in politics 2005, who was wearing a name well known in the region, to the presidency of Chile.
         She was very excited to visit the well preserved and renovated house where his great-grandfather lived. Chassagne-Montrachet is a grand cru Burgundy, and if the ancestor of Michelle Bachelet, winemaker, had crossed the ocean, it was with some vines under their arms, they say, to go to Chile, with other, this great wine country it is today.
         "I feel here, a little French because I have received from my family this culture, I learned the Marseillaise, child ..."
Has she said.

Augusto Pinochet was also of French origin.

         General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte better known under the name of Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) who ruled Chile with an iron hand from 17 September 1973 to March 11, 1990 was also of French origin. His ancestor from the town of Lamballe, Brittany arrived in Chile in the eighteenth century.
         The first Pinochet, marine, arrived in Concepción with a boat load of goods, unable to land anything because only Spanish royalists had the right to trade, then he married the local nobility in order to land their goods and their son was Captain in the Chilean army.
         Augusto Pinochet's wife, Lucía Hiriart Rodríguez, daughter of a former radical minister, is herself a descendant of French Basque immigrants (Hiriart family of Nilo).

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