samedi 11 février 2012

French prostitutes also went into exile in Switzerland!

On 6 December 2011, the French National Assembly passed a bill making it a criminal offense any individual using the services of a prostitute. The objective is to reduce the bargaining body. France, which the law most repressive in Europe in this area has adopted a form of abolition of prostitution.
This tightening of conditions of the world's oldest profession has had unintended consequences for the Swiss city closest to France: Geneva.
Anticipating the application of this law, the Belles Night of the Hexagon, which need little other baggage that their bodies invaded the city of Calvin, much more hospitable.
"Geneva regulation rather than advocates of abolitionism, that France seems to favor the contrary from the Sarkozy law on passive soliciting in 2004. In Geneva, this activity is legal and very controlled. Prostitutes and consider our city as a paradise. "
Since 2004, the number of French women of joy in the streets of Geneva has quadrupled while less than 1,000 streetwalkers fought the Geneva market, they are now 4,100 with a total population of 466.536 inhabitants (2011).
         Since 2010, they increased by 75% in the records is the State of Geneva, said Bertrand Jacquet, interviewed by the newspaper Le Temps. The problem is particularly acute "in the lounges or in escorts-girls" notes Michael Felix, who defends prostitutes in the association Aspasia.

Competition is fierce with local professional.

         This competition has a positive effect for consumers: prices falling. This is a cyclical phenomenon, writes the Tribune de Genève. "In the 1980, prostitutes were already complaining of Geneva German competitors."
In Gclub, there are 500 applications per year, 90% of French, from Annecy, Lyon or Paris. But this rapid influx of large and tends to disrupt the traditional prices, which can not withstand such an increase in competition.
         As with any business, prostitution meets the law of supply and demand. "There is indeed lower rates of prostitution. Only the top segment, such as escorts-girls, has seen its rates stagnate or even increase slightly.” Specifies Jean-Philippe Brandt, spokesman for the Geneva police.
Contrary to popular belief, there is not that Swiss banking secrecy that attracts Sports, the French magnates, there is also a clear difference in social legislation that promotes physical brain drain: the trade flesh. And for that there will never been diplomatic crisis between France and Switzerland.

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