lundi 6 février 2012

Guatemala: Presidential couple's divorce for love of power.

In March 201, the president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom Caballeros (60) and his wife Sandra Torres (55) filed for divorce for the sake of politics.
Indeed in order to succeed her husband, whose only non-renewable term as president expired in January 2012, Ms. Sandra Torres Julieta Casanova, the first lady of Guatemala for 4 years was legally divorce her husband.
For the Guatemalan electoral law prohibits members of the family of President (his wife) to be a candidate to succeed him.
Sandra Torres was convinced 100% to be elected because she had the support of the Party of National Unity of Hope (UNE) and the one who preceded him as head of the country, Mr. Berger Perdomo Oscaro , the Great National Alliance (GANA).
It was supported by the alliance between the ruling party, the Social Democratic Party of National Unity of Hope (A), and the one who preceded him as head of the country from 2004 to 2008, the Grand Alliance National (Gana).

Getting rid of the president to marry the people.

April 4, 2011, a group of lawyers filed an appeal with the Supreme Court to prevent divorce before the President allow his wife to run for the presidency. That action was the third against the opportunistic divorce.
The lawyers believe that this approach "undermines the public interest." Sandra Torres has justified its request for divorce by his desire to "marry the people." So she chose not to dress in white "To prepare for her wedding with the people" has ironically the daily Prensa Libre, 98% of 22,000 readers voted against this divorce.
What annoys the utmost Guatemalans not to see that the presidential couple is in trouble but that the reason for this break the sacred bonds of marriage is explained by political ambitions.
Admittedly, the first lady of Guatemala had a real popularity in the country for social plans in favor of the poor. In particular, it distributed food aid and provided building materials to families in rural areas and most marginalized.
Guatemala is a country in Central America, half of the population is poverty stricken. But the generosity did not stop Sandra Torres of being under fire of criticism after announcing her divorce March 11, 2011, which was delivered within 15 days. Business, labor, religious expressed their anger.
Badly he did so, for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala rejected his candidacy in April 2011.
And it is his opponent, retired General Otto Perez Molina (born 1950) Party Patriots who was elected president of Guatemala for four years, after treating her divorce as "fraud". He was inducted January 14, 2012, at his side with his predecessor Alvaro Colom and the absence of Sandra Torres.
Guatemala, Democratic presidential republic is located between Central America. It is surrounded by Belize, the Caribbean Sea, Honduras, El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean. Spread over 108,890 km2 and 13,824,463 inhabitants populated (2008), it is independent from Spain since 1821.

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