lundi 13 février 2012

Iraq: Minister of Women rejects gender equality.

 In September 2011, the federal Minister of State for Women's Affairs has raised an outcry: Dr. Ibtihal Gasid al-Zaidi said it was against gender equality.
"I am against equality, said Minister of Iraq, because the woman would lose much if she was the equal of man. I am for the guardianship of men over women. Myself, as Minister, I continue to tell my husband where I go every time I leave the house. This does not affect the woman instead. This gives him an important place within the family. My husband needs to know where I go. This is not inconsistent with my status as a minister. "
November 8, 2011, the High Committee for the Advancement of Women (established in 1990) which she chairs, has decided that employees of the State were to dress decently in their workplace. The same High Committee for Equality of Women, has also declared a ban on miniskirts, the ban on wearing tight pants or a skirt suggesting body shapes, the prohibition of shoes do not conform to modesty and the prohibition of brightly colored blouses or bright, reported daily in Baghdad, Al-Mada.
Ashwaq Jaf Coalition Blocks in Kurdistan said that these instructions are only a violation of the constitution, but but abuse against civil liberties "because the Iraqi constitution granted freedom to every individual"
She added that she had spoken to the Minister, who assured him that the letter was a generalized statement so that female workers can adapt to the workplace, and it was not an order.

The Committee on the Rights of the investigation into the case to see if the letter contains recommendations only and no obligation.

"If it was proven they were orders, not recommendations, we sue," said Jaf.
Afrah Chouqi journalist she expects that "every morning upon entering the department, employees are scanned from top to bottom to get an eyeful, on behalf of ministerial directives. Nobody can tell them that it is harassment. "
Spread over 438,317 km2 and inhabited by 30,399, 572 inhabitants (2011), Iraq is chaired by the Kurd Jalal Talabani of 2005 and then, assisted by Prime Minister Nuri al-Malik since 2006.

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