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Monaco: The men of the princesses of Monaco like the fighting.

S.A.R. Ernst August of Hanover, King of the brawl.

In 2006, Prince Ernst August of Hanover (55), great-grand-son of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II and the third husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco since January 23, 1999 appeared before the German court on appeal alleged assault and battery against the German Josef Brunlehner (60 years), owner of a hotel on the Island of Mandu in Kenya in 2000 on the grounds that he could not stand the noise from the nightclub.
In 2004 he was sentenced by the court of Hildesheim fined 445,000 euros for causing grievous bodily harm.
In 1998 he broke his nose with a cameraman with punches.
And during the World Expo 2000, he was relieved the bladder on the Turkish flag ....
It should be noted that the second husband of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Daniel Ducruet (45 years), with whom she had two children born outside marriage (before their divorce in 1995) was sentenced to 10 months suspended sentence on July 10 2009 for hitting the bartender of Caliente, in Cannes which he co-manager.

SA Pierre Casiraghi injured in a brawl in New York.

Aged 24, Prince Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi fire was hospitalized Feb. 20, 2012 after a fight night in a night club "Double Seven" Meatpacking in the upscale neighborhood of Manhattan.
He was caught in a fight with some friends including Stavros Niarchos III, a former friend of Paris Hilton, with the former owner of the nightclub, Adam Hock (47), on the night of Saturday 18 and 19 February 2012, reports The New York Post.         According to a witness,          Hock allegedly struck the prince, who "flew across the room and landed on a table on the other side." The fighting has worsened and Niarchos have also been hit. Prince Pierre was found land in a condition "requiring plastic surgery," according to another witness.
Adam Hock was charged Sunday morning on assault against the Prince of Monaco and three of his fellow trip said the spokesman of the NYPD.
"I was attacked by several guys and titrated drunk who thought they deserved the best table with the most beautiful girls. They expected to be treated like royalty they are. They have not got what they wanted and it has excited. " defends Adam Hock.
The prince has "messed up face, with deep scars and blood everywhere," according to a witness quoted by the tabloid New York.
Just before the brawl broke out around 2:30 am the prince and his three comrades approached Adam Hock and "abhorrent, dredging top models and throwing them over the vodka bottle at USD 500." said another witness.
Richard Golub, the lawyer of the Prince of Monaco, said that his client did not "at all provoked" the fight.
The prince's lawyer, Richard Golub, quoted in the Post, said that his client did not "at all provoked" the fight.
Prince Pierre Casiraghi was taken to hospital but came out a little later in the evening of Saturday, according to the tabloid.
The club has declined to comment.
In return, her father, Stefano Casiraghi died on 3 October 1990 in offshore accident off Monaco.
Pierre Casiraghi is the second in order of succession to the throne of Monaco after her mother Caroline and is engaged to Beatrice Borromeo, daughter of a wealthy Italian aristocratic family of two years his senior.

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