jeudi 16 février 2012

Norway: The eldest daughter of King Harald V, Princess Märtha Louisa and the secrets of angels.

Believer in alternative therapies, Princess Märtha Louisa of Norway (40) just published in February 2012 is the second sen book on angels in collaboration with his friend Elisabeth Nordeng entitled "Secrets of Angels".
         Published by Cappelen Damm, the book follows a first album appeared in 2009: "Discover your guardian angel."
         In his book "Secrets of Angels,"
including the Princess gives the recipe to meet your guardian angel.
         "They are there for us. They are authentic. They exist. They want to engage you, but it is important to know how they work with you to enter "
the authors explain two straight face.
         Since 2007, the Princess of Norway and her friend also offer courses in spirituality in their school called "School of the angels."
Norwegians often make fun of this teaching they see as an eccentricity.
         "This is great because we are in a free country, where everyone has the right to say what he thinks,"
said Louise Märtha on television TV2.
         Married to the novelist controversial Bjørshol Ari Mikael aka Behn (39 years), the eldest daughter of the King of Norway Harald V and Queen Sonja Haraldsen, has already abandoned those titles to his official duties and concentrate on his activities private.         
         Mother of three daughters (Maud Angelica, Laura Isadora, Emma Tallulah), she is fourth in the order of succession to the throne.
         The 22 juilet 2011, the half brother of his beautiful sister, Princess Matte-Marit of Norway, wife of Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, Trond Berntsen (51 years), a state policeman providing security on the island of Utoeya, was among the 69 victims of psychopathic killer Anders Breivik Behring.
         Lucifer, the king of hell and the badest angel, would not have done better to terrorize an uneventful Norway. That does he not reason to believe Märtha Louisa angels and demons?

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