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Spain: Queen Sofia of Greece should never cry!

Queen  mocked and cuckold ...

         "The Queen is a woman betrayed, hurt, whose married life turned to tragedy" Pilar Eyre wrote in his book "La soledad de la reina Sofia, una vida (Loneliness of Queen Sofia, a life)" , an unauthorized biography of course.
In May 2010, King Juan Carlos of Spain underwent surgery for a lung nodule. At the time, it was insinuated that his wife Queen Sofia had moved to the bedside of her husband reluctantly, under pressure.          
 "Public opinion has been widely criticized, the causes for which she fights no longer have the same response, she has lost its luster. (...) I find it unfair, and I wanted to restore the reality of a life wasted. Today, the Queen Sofia is the most lonely woman of Spain."
The Spanish journalist Pilar Eyre depicts a Sofia lonely and sad, deeply scarred by the infidelities of her husband Juan Carlos. Whatever the spanish female junta called Juanito did not count less than 1,500 mistresses on his list of conquests and to which he remains most faithful.
         The book broke all sales used in Spain, because the author is a renowned journalist who has investigated the owners excavated from the confidences of sources very close to the "Casa Real", the Spanish royal house.

Political rather than a marriage of love.

         Sofia of Greece and Juan Carlos of Bourbon were perhaps not made to live together. On 14 May 1962, their marriage was not based on ideal bases. Before that date, she is in love with Harald of Norway, who had rejected his advances. Juan Carlos known for his love of women, finally accepts the union of reason.
         Frederika, mother of Sofia, played a significant role in their encounter. To achieve this, she would subject her daughter to regular diets because she was too plump to look good in the elite. During the first decade of their marriage the couple lived "the most beautiful days in the life of Sofia"
This is the time when he lived under the watchful eye of Franco.          Appreciate the Caudillo and slows the heat of Juan Carlos. He had imposed a strict code of conduct: ban jokes, daily sessions of prayer and obligation to the prince Juan Carlos as his wife did attend during his spare time. Everything changes when, after the official announcement of the death of General Franco Bahamonde, 20 November 1975 and the accession to the throne of Juan Carlos two days later.
         The King of Spain was then 37 years old and dreams of female conquests. Freed from the tutelage of the Caudillo, the handsome Hidalgo is unleashed.

"Don Juan, The King of Iberians Macho! "

January 1976, he went to Toledo for a hunting party. Sofia from Madrid decided to get children to make a surprise visit to their daddy.  An idea without any ulterior motive than affection. Cool idea, which will turn into a nightmare. Upon arrival, the family is intrigued: the flaps are lowered from the residence.
         Between Sofia, while the watchman, rather embarrassed, asked to return later. She climbs up to the bedroom, pushed open the door, and  discovers a Juan Carlos naked, frolicking in good company.           
"From this moment," says Pilar Eyre, "not only the King and Queen will definitely separate room, but will not have any intimate relationship.". The journalist estimated 1,500 the number of his mistresses on his list of successes throughout his career as a womanizer since 1976.

The image of a perfect royal family buried.

         Sofia has never cheated on her husband. The rumor had falsely attributed to her two love affairs with a musician and an architect from London. “Nobody has been able to confirm this,” writes Pilar Eyre. Since the episode of Toledo, Sofia locked in solitude "has since decided to put on a mask and be limited to her role as queen."
         Since then, the couple maintained frosty relations. Queen and mother, she patiently waits to see his son Philip to the throne of Spain, and hurt by the impact of the case Inaki Urdangarin on the welfare of Princess Cristina.
         Accused of embezzling public funds and private, his step-son, the Duke of Palma de Mallorca if indicted, the image model of the monarchy will be shaken. The ultimate solution will be the couple's divorce.
         After that of the Infanta Elena with Jaime de Marichalar in 2009 and assumed the anorexia of Princess Letitzia (his sister died of depression in 2007), wife of Crown Prince Felipe, the family loses appeal during an economic crisis that affects sustainable Spain.

She will end at the convent!

         Pilar Eyre tells an anecdote illustrative of the bad climate that exists within the royal couple. When the king is with his "buddies" and that his wife suddenly between, he used to exclaim, "Break ranks". It is these same friends he related that one day she would end up in a convent. Learning this, the queen would have said that Juan Carlos would benefit from a long stay in a monastery ...
"Their sound incompatible characters, they have nothing in common," writes the journalist. As she is reserved, as he is voluble. She never drinks alcohol and is vegetarian and he is a man of good cheer. She has no friends or confidants, and he regularly attends his friends, and enjoys excellent relations with his former mistresses.
But the queen should never cry in public, but to force to stifle her sobs, they are reflected in his ongoing look she can no longer hide it under a mantilla as at one time. This is also the price of power!

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