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Ukraine/Congo: Gaïtana, the singer for whom success and scandal come.

She has the color of love against which nothing can.

Gaïtana pop singer, daughter of Congolese Essami Klaver and her mother was born in Ukraine in Kiev, Soviet Ukraine September 29, 1979. She spent the first five years of his life in Congo Brazzaville before returning to Kiev with his mother while his father remains in Brazzaville.
         After earning a degree in Economics, she chooses her passion of music. She speaks French, Lingala, but she sings mostly in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
         Very famous in Ukraine, she has released six albums to date in Ukrainian (2003 to 2010).
         She wrote and performed "Viva Europa,"
the official anthem of the next European Nations Cup to be held this summer in Poland and Ukraine.

Black skin Inconvenient Ukrainian nationalists.

         On 18 February 2012, she won the election with the participation of viewers and a professional jury. With her song "Be My Guest", and she became the candidate of Ukraine for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26, 2012.
         "Yes, Gaitana sings well. But it is not our culture. We do not want millions of viewers watching the show will see that Ukraine is represented by a person who does not belong to our race and will believe that Ukraine is somewhere in Africa ",
launched Monday February 21, 2012, Yuri Sirotiouk, a senior party Svoboda (Freedom).
         "This is not just about me is against all persons who consider themselves free in the world today, all those who want to be free. It's a shame that Svoboda has made such racist comments. This will ruin the reputation of Ukraine in Europe and worldwide "
said the pop singer to Euronews Gaïtana.

A political uproar of good quality.

About the Sirotiouk have been denounced by other political parties including that of the famous boxer Vitali Klitschko: "Those who begin to speculate on questions of national identity, issues of language have no prospects. This benefits them perhaps a dividend policy, but no perspective. This "unfortunate manifestation of xenophobia is not consistent with European aspirations of Ukraine"
and deserves a "severe public condemnation."
The immigration specialists in Ukraine believe the government is not doing enough to enforce laws against racism ...
"Compared to other European countries, legislation on xenophobia and racism exists in Ukraine, but is little used or not to prosecute offenders. Yet it would develop a culture of responsibility for his comments "
Yana explained Salakhova to Euronews.
         We must remember that the "Orange Revolution"
was brought in part by the Far Right Ukrainian coming out of the wood to make statements and commit xenophobic and racist actions.
         Svoboda, which has existed since 1995, had made noticeable on the political scene in 2010, when he had reached 5% of voters in parliamentary elections in Ukraine.
         "I am ashamed that this man is a citizen of my country,"
added Olena Bondarenko, an MP of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych the president. For its part, the Ukrainian state television channel demanded "apologies" of Svoboda. "Racism undermines the reputation of our country."
This "unfortunate manifestation of xenophobia is not consistent with European aspirations of Ukraine" and deserves a "severe public condemnation," said in a statement the party Oudar Klitschko.
         On 10 July 2008 in its report, Amnesty International warned Ukraine and made public the murder of four foreigners in Kiev because of the color of their skin. The report, Ukraine: "Government must act to stop racial discrimination,"
reported a alarming increase in attacks against foreigners and members of ethnic and religious minorities in Ukraine.

The Lily and the flamboyant.

         It is believed the words of Simone rehear Fragonard, aka Kolélé, the protagonist of the novel "The Lily and the flamboyant" (The Lily - flower of France, and the Flasher symbol of Africa) another mixed Congolese Henri Lopes :
         "I never knew who I was, and I always knew that I was not (...). In these circumstances it is even harder not to get caught by the mass and find his way in a world where everything is unstable equilibrium, doubts, random stripes, quicksand where identity is lost in oceans of uncertainty where consciousness is drowning. (...) Every civilization was born of a blending forgotten, every race is a variety of mixing without knowing it. (...) Without foreign addition, it degenerates”.

         "For Metis, I mean not only the half-bloods who, like me, have skin latte [...] but anyone like me or you, Mr. Dieng, with your black skin, are mixed in their heads and their hearts. [...] As you see me, I have over twenty centuries. Perhaps millions of years. [...]. I play my ancestors Bantu and I also embodies my ancestors the Gauls. I am also Kolélé, myself, irreducible, which has never existed before and which will disappear with me in my grave. "

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