samedi 25 février 2012

United States: God, Homelessness, escapes a trial.

In 2008, the black senator from the North in Omaha, Nebraska (1970-2008), Ernie Chambers (72 years), agnostic, decides to press charges against "the creator who sows death and destruction and terrorizes million earthlings. because He (also) earthquakes, floods, horrendous, horrendous hurricanes,... ".
Senator introduced this action in court to show "that everyone can take action against anyone, even God."
         The court acknowledged in its judgment the existence of God does. "One consequence of this decision is the confirmation of God's omniscience," insists Ernie Chambers.
Judge Marlon Pork with whom the complaint was filed was rejected by arguing that he should be able to join the party for the trial to take place.
"Given that the accused can never be reached, the matter shall be discussed," the judge wrote in its reasoning.

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