lundi 6 février 2012

United States: The Lover that President John F. Kennedy had never kissed.

         In the summer of 1962, Mimi Beardsley (now Alford) is 19 years old. She lives in New Jersey and completed his studies at the Massachusetts College for Women. She was hired as an intern at the White House and worked for three days at press department.
Invited to meet President John F. Kennedy, she was invited to swim with him during the mid-day in the pool at the White House and then attend a party in the evening.
She is lovely and forms leave no man indifferent to women what JFK. After the party, the president invited him to visit the premises to the room of Jackie Kennedy, First Lady of the United States.
It is in the marriage bed of the presidential couple's first relationship she has with John Kennedy, says it in his book: "Once upon a secret: my affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath (Formerly a secret, my affair with President John F. Kennedy), Random House, United States, 2012. "
- "I was shocked," she says after losing her virginity
"Being desired by the most famous man and the world's most powerful amplified resist my feelings and was out of the question," says one who is now a retiree of 69 years.
According to her editor, Mimi Alford decided to "get rid" of his secret and tell her "most intimate moments with a very public man" after his affair with the president had been mentioned in a biography of Kennedy in 2003, exposing it to the "frenzy of the tabloid press".

The male secret name of Mimi "Michael Carter".

         Every absence of his wife Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, the president of the United States called mimi, aka "Michael Carter" that sometimes accompanies it during his travels or for a short cruise.         
During the 18 months of love affair, she calls him "Mr. President" and admits "We have not ever kissed," evoking the "distance" that has characterized this binding "varied and enjoyable."
"Sometimes he seemed to have whole life ahead of him. Sometimes he had no time to linger, "writes Ms. Mimi Alford in his memoirs.
In the fall, the young student resumed his studies at university of Wheaton in the Massachusetts, but the president of the United States continues to call her, under the pseudonym of Michael Carter and sends a driver to take her back to take her to the airport where the expected tickets to Washington. She was then taken to the White House.
November 15, 1963, a week before his assassination in Dallas, she will see for the last time the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.
He took a long time in his arms and said, "I wanted you to come with me to Texas"
- "I'll call you when I return," said JFK had said.
- "Mr. President, I am about to get married. "
Indeed, it was about to marry his colleague Tony Fahnastock.
- "I know, but I'll call you anyway," he had replied.
Fate has decided otherwise.

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