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Austria: The prohibition of dish names 'discriminatory' prevents racism?

No more "negerbrot (bread negro)” and “Mohr im Hemd (Moorish shirted)” at the table!

         The association of Austrian restaurants are "unacceptable" some names of dishes and want them banned, according to the British newspaper "The Telegraph".
         And names with racist or discriminatory as “Zigeunerschnitzel (Gypsy Schnitzel)”
, “negerbrot (bread negro)”, “Mohr im Hemd (Moorish shirted)” must change their names.
         "Our work revolves around welcoming people and for this reason, we should offer a good example."

         The association recognizes the legitimacy of these dishes, but considers that their name may be an offense and was hunting down the "negative names"
in the maps of the country, she asked simply "the chiefs and butlers" to replace connoted by less, depending on the site NewsFeed:

Discriminatory food labels are they really necessary?

         The three names mentioned dishes that are also not so exotic to be replaced by "Chop pepper sauce" instead of "Gypsy schnitzel", "dark bread" instead of "negro brain", this chocolate Peanut and "Chocolate Cake with cream" instead of "Negro in his shirt." These names would go better at the time of order.
         A prohibition that is controversial because a gastronomic association defends the predominance of "tradition", whereas "SOS Mitmensch"
, a group that advocates for integration and equality endorses the approach: "There is no laughing matters of discrimination, even when it happens accidentally or because of tradition. "
The Austrian restaurant association is not only dishes in German, the official language of Austria but also names in other languages, including Italian, such as "Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (whore Spaghetti)" popular dish served since 1960 mainly in Italian restaurants.

What about the weird dishes names in other European countries?

         Time NewsFeed notes that in Britain, the restorers used a small pudding chocolate chips called "Spotted Dick",
which literally means "speckled penis."
         France and western Switzerland, the change of names of dishes with names "discriminatory"
without resorting to an official ban. The old name of chocolate "negro head", which referred to the sex of blacks is now called "Head of chocolate," chocolate dessert "The Negro in his shirt" was called "Black and White", " The hen-silk Negro "from China that has black as its head was recalled by the Standards Commission since 2009: "Hen-silk "and the fungus formerly called "Boletus fathead negro "or "Constable Black" will soon become "Bolet-tanned."
In Holland, the cheese is still dark brown "Fathead Moor."
In France, it is always best to stigmatize "halal meat" for the votes of voters accept it as "local custom" despite the 2.1 million that had the country in 2010 according to the National Institute of Demographic Studies ( INED) and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).

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