mercredi 28 mars 2012

Belgium: Eddy Merckx, the champion cyclist of all time charged for selling a bike!

It sounds like a belgian joke but look at it carefully it's not a joke or it is so caustic that it does not laugh. It's all cooked Belgian. To be consumed without moderation!
The famous Belgian champion cyclist of all time Eddy Merckx who had just been made ​​a Commander of the Legion of Honor December 6, 2011 by President Nicolas Sarkozy indicted for selling a bike with his name produced by his factory to the Commissioner of Police Anderlecht, Philippe Boucar.
The latter is charged with corruption since Eddy Merckx he informed of the existence of a procurement of 48 bicycles to the police and Anderlecht have disclosed the prices offered by competitors of Eddy Merckx Cycles.
"In return, write the belgian diary “La Dernière Minute ", the Commissioner would have received a bike Merckx cheaply".
Several commissioners and area managers were indicted by the Justice of Brussels after the investigation by Judge Jean-Claude Van Espen on alleged corruption in the Police of Anderlecht who has several components.
There would be seven accused, presumed innocent,-according to the same newspaper.

The completed investigation should have been expected that the Belgian champion receives the highest honor at the Elysee French before the charge.
That way the honor of Belgium is safe and not alas that of the Belgian citizen Eddy Merckx, alleged corrupt!

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