jeudi 8 mars 2012

DRC / Belgium: a Lifetime between Lumumba, the Congolese national hero and Carlo Hughe, his main Belgian murderer!

Ms. Lumumba demanded a judgment confirming the death of her husband.

         The lawyer's last wife of Patrice Emery Lumumba, Ms Opango Pauline Lumumba,  appealed to the High Court in Kinshasa for a judgment confirming the death of her husband, Patrice Emery Lumumba, assassination in unclear circumstances Jan. 17, 1961, reported "The Potential" a congolese newspaper.
         Patrice Lumumba was elevated to "hero of national independence of the Congo"
while his family did not have official confirmation of the death of the first "Prime Minister of Congo" in 2000 with the publication of "firebrand" the Belgian sociologist Ludo de Witte, "The Assassination of Lumumba, Karthala, Paris, 2000," based on the archives of the Foreign Ministry, which had forced the Belgian official to admit its responsibility in eradicating the Congolese leader .
         Belgium was forced to form a parliamentary committee responsible for shedding light on the plot against the Congolese leader.
         In 2001, the Belgian parliamentary commission of inquiry referred to a liability "moral"
of Belgium, revealing that his body was dissolved in sulfuric acid by two Belgian brothers, named Soete.

Carlo Huyghe, the murderer of Lumumba, twice decorated by the Order of Leopold II.

         Born in Etterbeek, Belgium March 1, 1923, Charles Corneille, Huyghe said Carlo celebrated this year his 89th birthday.
         Colonel of the Belgian Army, seconded to the secessionist province of Katanga, the night of 16 to 17 January 1961, he commanded the firing squad of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, Senator Joseph Okito and Maurice Mpolo MP alongside Captain Julien Gat in front of Moise Tshombe, president of the Katanga Munongo Godfrey, Minister of Interior Katangan and Belgian dignitaries.
         In 1961 he was appointed by the UN as the prime suspect in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. The official report of the commission of inquiry established under UN Resolution 1601, concludes, in paragraph 3, that "grave suspicion"
based on two men, "Huyghe and Captain Julien Gat".
         At the end of the Katanga secession in 1963, he took refuge in South Africa where he is rendering services to his fellow countrymen. He is listed as number one on the list of 12 suspects for war crimes examined by the federal prosecution, which currently seeking to summon him to South Africa for next hearing in Brussels.
         The next date on which Huyghe is called before the House of indictments of Brussels, for the complaint by lawyers and Christophe Marchand Annemie Schaus on behalf of the widow and son Lumumba is not known.
         While February 10, 2002, the foreign minister, Louis Michel presented "apology"
and his "deep and sincere regrets" to the Congolese people, from Belgium for his role in Lumumba's assassination, Charles Huyghe was knighted and Officer of the Order of Leopold II (the largest military and civilian in Belgium), September 21, 2004 and March 1, 2009 for "services rendered".
         The award of Honours is managed by the Foreign Minister.
In both 2004 and 2009, the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs was no longer Mr. Louis Michel, but Mr. Karel De Gucht.
         This means that according to whether Walloon or Flemish, the Democratic Republic of Congo is never the same country!

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