jeudi 29 mars 2012

Great-Britain: 250.00 euros for dinner with David Cameron.

         The co-treasurer of the British Conservative Party resigned Sunday after it broadcast a video showing him to make money from the alleged donors access to British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Filmed by a hidden camera of a journalist presented as a potential donor and distributed by the Sunday Times, Tony Peter Cruddas offers them the opportunity to dine with the Prime Minister and convey their views to the government team.
In the video, he says that donations of between 200,000 and 250,000 pounds per year can "play in the first division" and ensure access to David Cameron and his finance minister George Osborne.         
 "The first thing we want to make sure it is to attend dinner with Cameron and Osborne," he said in the recording.
"When you see the Prime Minister, you have in front of you David Cameron, not the prime minister," says Peter Cruddas. "Everything is confidential and you can ask almost any question you want," he adds.
In Great-Britain, donated over 7500 pounds parties are allowed, but must be declared and can not give privileged access to politicians.

The swagger of a Self Made Man.

In a statement released after the broadcast, Peter Cruddas announced his resignation from sin as co-treasurer of the Conservative Party in calling his remarks "bluster."
         "I deeply regret the false impression that could be released from my swagger during this interview. There is obviously no question that donors can influence the policy or have an unjustified access to politicians. To dispel any doubts, I unfortunately have decided to tender my resignation with immediate effect, "he said.
David Cameron has condemned the remarks made by the co-treasurer of his party and promised "an investigation within the party."
"What happened is completely unacceptable. It's not how it collects money to the Conservative party, it would never have happened, "he told the BBC.
The Foreign Minister David W. Miliband, Member of the Labour opposition has meanwhile said: "It's a little embarrassing. (...) The idea that politics is for sale is ludicrous, it blurs the boundaries”

 A millionaire philanthropist, very little gloss.

Born in 1953 in Hacknet, East London, Peter Cruddas, the son of a butcher in Smithfield Market, he left school at the age of 15 years because of violence at home due to poverty and became a Boy Scout.          
 He began his career as a telex operator for Western Union to the City. Through a series of lucky breaks in the City, he became in 2007, the 90th richest man in the UK with a fortune estimated at 860 million pounds. Installed for a long time in Monaco, he finally returned to England in 2009.
         To enter politics, he was noted by giving the Conservative Party the second second largest gift to the party's history: 1.2 million pounds.
In June 2011 he was appointed co-treasurer of the British Conservative Party.

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