mercredi 21 mars 2012

Morocco / USA: The Moroccan misery has saved American actor Brad Pitt.

In the 90s, American actor Brad Pitt is depressed. He is in the hole. He takes drugs. A slump that led him to use illicit substances. "I could not take anymore of myself in the late 90s. I wanted to shelter the celebrity, and I smoked and I doping me too, I was lying on the couch, transforming me day after donut day, and I annoyed myself, "said the star.
Then he offers a trip to Morocco to forget his Setbacks. Apparently beneficial as a trip when he sees the misery Moroccan, he realizes he should not depress for so little.
A revelation that changed his life. "I discovered extreme poverty, I had never seen this before. I understand that my situation was quite pathetic compared to what I saw."
He revealed this period of his life during his interview for "Hollywood Reporter" in the margins of her Oscar nomination for his roles in movies including "Moneyball" and "Pancakes for everyone."
Since 2005 he is married to actress Angelina Jolie. The couple adopted two boys (one Cambodian and one Vietnamese) and an Ethiopian. They have three biological children including twins.

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