jeudi 8 mars 2012

Pray for rain on Syria.

In February 2008, the president of Syria, the ophthalmologist Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad in June 2000 asked the Ministry of Islamic assets to hold a special prayer for rain last collective the entire Syria where there is a drought for the third consecutive year, the official SANA news agency reported.
Special Muslim prayers imploring Allah to make it rain, known “as al-Sala Istiqsa” were recited every Saturday in all the Syrian regions where it had not rained in the winter.
The drought had affected agriculture and especially the wheat crop whose production had fallen to five million tonnes to two million tonnes in 2008 according to official figures.
FAO has decided to provide urgent aid to farmers and ranchers affected.
"Syria is experiencing the worst drought in forty years and faces a growing risk of malnutrition", stated the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UN (OCHA) in Geneva in early October 2008.
Today, with the drought of political ideas, prayers are replaced with bombs raining down on the city of Homs ...
And the UN is still playing this time the role of firefighter attempt to extinguish the fire!

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