samedi 24 mars 2012

Republic of China (Taiwan): Too old for prison.

In September 2009, Hsin-Ming Sun, a former employee of the Railway Administration of Taiwan has been sentenced to three jail for illegally occupied a room in the administration of the railways.
The man could have to pay a fine of 80,000 TWD (Taiwan dollars) to avoid prison, but he preferred to serve his sentence to denounce the injustice is felt victim.
Retired from the railroad company with a very meager pension to live, he settled in a home owned by the railway company. Illegal occupation estimated the Taipei District Court, which sentenced him to three months in prison.
Everything seemed normal, until the prison Taiwan refuses to accept the prisoner felt it did not afford to care for an inmate that age according to the newspaper Apple Daily.
Indeed, Mr. Hsin-Ming Sun was then 96 years old and became the oldest prisoner in Taiwan.
Taipei Prison where he should serve his sentence was immediately forwarded to the prosecutor's office.
The prosecution therefore predicted to send Mr. Hsin-Ming Sun in a prison hospital in Taichung City in west central Taiwan where he would serve his sentence.
Taichung has a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 23 ° C and relatively low rainfall (average annual total 1708 mm), but a humidity of about 80%.
July 23, 2007, The Republic of China (Taiwan) populated by 23,040,040 inhabitants (2010) over an area of ​​36,008 km2, has asked the UN in an independent state under the name of Taiwan and name under the name Republic of China.
Membership was refused by the UN on behalf of the one-China principle is applied from the replacement permanent headquarters of the Republic of China (Taiwan) by China (mainland China) in 1971 .          Taiwan has diplomatic relations with only 23 states in the world.

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