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Romania: The twilight of Romanian intellectuals.*

I wonder why Romanian society produces individuals of such a discrepancy ... I traveled here and there and I lived several years in some Western countries. But I can not say I know these worlds as well as Romania, which I know to rhyme.
         However, I can say that nowhere else does he rises to the surface of society so much negativity, so many souls ulcerated and eager for revenge on everything and anything, on the other, on themselves or on lives.
         That does not mean that the Romanian people is not harmonious in itself. I have always said our people is composed of a large mass of people of good sense, good and intelligent, but whose voice can not pierce to be heard.
         We have however a very small fraction of voice, a cacophonous mass of individuals with obvious problems of positioning relative to the world.

The monstrous selfish.

         This fraction is that which offends. And not just shocks us we, Romanians, but also those who are visiting or entering for the first time in contact with us, locally or abroad.
         The Romanians then give the impression that we are all alike. They are those who despise the law, because they despise people. They are selfish monster.
         They are those who change without blinking white black and black into white. It falls on them everywhere: in politics, among the "stars" of television, forums, in stages, with the neighbors.
         One can not help but at some point to ask why and how our society produces so much rudeness, extreme violence, physical and language, sexism, racism and all other ingredients that go together.
         Historically, I think the roots of this phenomenon are very deep. In modern history, communism has been, of course, essential. By the downturn that has caused social, it also caused a huge turnaround in attitude: he spread class hatred, he destroyed the thin layer of civilization which was enjoyed, he has brought to power people uneducated and uncivilized.
         Today, their heirs use the greatest achievement, perhaps, of the post-Decembrist [the Revolution of December 1989, which marked the end of the communist era], the right to speak, as that formidable springboard. They all found the voice, but those we hear most are the bad guys, those in the strident voice.

A world uncultured and barbaric.

         We see every day how great men of culture are worn out, like deer surrounded by a pack of wolves, by individuals who have neither the moral authority nor the competence to do so.
         Individuals who do not read them, who hate them intensely, because they see their popularity in their own human and professional failure.
         Similarly, we see every day, how a few people, through the injuries and stick, gradually drove the discussions civilized people, who would have liked to use freedom of expression to exchange ideas calmly.
         Today, he turns to Romania soon come to power, not the middle class, educated and active, we all dream, but a new populism [Several populist parties appeared in Romania recently as PPDD - the Party of people], which alongside that of the last decade seem to be an amateur movement.
         Twilight of the Intellectuals should rejoice person. It means the twilight of education and transforming our world into a barbaric and uncultured. We no longer read and we do not think we let the TV decide what we like and what we dislike. We feel bitter about missing the chance of democracy, have debased the idea - as we did for that of equality, at the time of communism.
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*Article by Mircea Cărtărescu.

Born in Bucharest 1st june 1956, Romanian Mircea Cărtărescu is the most translated author  in the world. Alongside his work as a writer
(Why we love women, The Levant ...), he writes a column in the daily Evenimentul Zilei and teaches at the universities of Bucharest, Berlin and Vienna.

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