mardi 27 mars 2012

Russia: The drunkards sent to a labor camp.

Russian Minister of Interior, General Rashid Nurgaliyev Goumarovitch, proposed to revive the Soviet practice consisting in treating the alcoholic strength, including sending them to forced labor camps.
In support of this measure before the former President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, he argued that the offenses relating to alcohol are a very serious problem. He lists 253,000 chronic alcoholics in Russia.
In fact the reality is even worse he said during a meeting of the responsibility to maintain order in the Commissioner of St. Petersburg. Former Head of the fight against terrorism to the KGB, Rashid Nurgaliyev knew exactly what he meant.
The Russians are among the biggest drinkers in the world with 15 liters of pure alcohol per capita per year, revealed Gennady Onishchenko Dr., Head of Public Health, in an interview to a Russian newspaper.
The Russian authorities are struggling unsuccessfully for decades against this scourge, but the illicit distillation of spirits has always managed to bypass the official guidelines aimed at reducing alcohol consumption.
Like alcohol "edible" is too expensive for many Russians, there were in 2005, 36,000 deaths by ingestion of adulterated liquor, which added to 46,000 suicides and road accidents cirulation 35,000 murder victims.
During the Soviet period since 1960, alcoholics were sent to reeducation camps for forced labor.
According to the Moscow Serbsky Institute for Social Psychiatry and Forensic, the proportion of alcoholics may be greater than 10% of the 142 million Russians.
Since the 1990s, the population declines in Russia: the birth rate decline (8.4 per thousand), the mortality rate increases (14.7 miles).
These are the men most affected: a man of twenty two can expect to live to sixty years (for an American is nine chances); life expectancy of a man is better in Guatemala Indonesia, Iraq, Mexico, the Philippines ... in Russia. And the situation worsens.

This excessive consumption of alcohol contributes significantly to lower the life expectancy of Russian men.

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