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Ivory Coast: Simone, what makes you such power? *.

Simone, you really can not hear anything? Do you see anything? Do not you feel a presence around you when you lie in your bed as your faithless Laurent has long been deserted for the body plus shipping and the beautiful Nady? You are African, Simone, and before you go into politics, you had headed the Research Group on oral tradition (GRTO). Then you know that in our traditions, as the poet wrote Birago Diop "the dead are not dead, they are in the wind, they are in water that flows ..."
         So Simone, listening in the bush in the wind sob, and certainly you will hear the groans of the women to body parts. If you open your eyes, especially when you turn off all lights, Simone, you'll see these women, sometimes headless, limbless, without body, revolve around you.

Open your eyes.

         Open your eyes and you will see those who died after suffering multiple rapes. They will show you their cocks bloodied. You see them, Simone, you hear them? They accuse you all. They accuse you, who should have been their mother, their sister, their protector, to have been their executioner. Is it true Simone? Is it true you have permanently closed your heart since you took office?
         Simone, Simone! What made you this power? Jezebel, the queen who killed the prophets of God and Ahab away from his true love to God to Baal? Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus and deceived? Are you really this monstrous woman, this lady of blood, the evil genius of Laurent Gbagbo described by the chroniclers and sing for a long time holders of voice?
         I see you again, radiant in your white dress, the day when your Laurent decided to invest to President of the Republic of  Ivory Coast, while the Ivorians had refused him their votes. You knew he was committing a felony, he usurped a power that was no longer his. But there was no question for you to go back.
         Ivory Coast, did you say highlight of your book “Paroles d’honneur (Words of honor)”, was given by God to the man who shared your life for over thirty years without sharing your bed. That will not matter I think, what mattered is that he shares with you the power. Power Simone! Is this the only thing that has ever seen in your eyes? And all your life, do not you'd have to beat that? Oh your life, Simone Gbagbo Ehivet. Let us consider in the thread.

In the small coastal tribe of Aboure.

         You are born in 1949 in the small coastal tribe of Aboure, eleven years before the country's independence dirigeras you later. Do you recollect the day when independence was proclaimed? A few years ago, you declared that you had not appreciated the way that independence had been gained by Houphouet-Boigny. You would have preferred a "no" flaming like that Sékou Touré [first president of the Republic of Guinea, from 1958 to 1984] had said to Charles de Gaulle. The real independence, you said, will be that your husband will grant the Ivory Coast. But in 1960, you were too young to say your word in this case.
         Your father, Jean Ehivet, policeman, which you probably inherited your build, you trimbalera from city to city across the country, according to his assignments. This is probably what allowed you to speak much of our language. This is a father who sends you his Catholic faith.
         After your studies culminating in a doctoral degree in oral literature, you become a teacher researcher. You then militeras actively in the teachers' union which represented at that time the only real opposition to the power of Houphouet-Boigny. It is within this union you meet Lawrence, who will become your husband, and father of your first three girls.
         With it you will train to Marxism, led by the poet Zadi Zaourou, it is called the father of Ivorian left. With Laurent you will be arrested on several occasions. In 1982, you participate in the organization of the great strike which earned Lawrence to flee the country, leaving you alone with your children who were now five.
         The return of Laurent in 1989, you create all the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), a leading opposition political parties which will be formalized in 1990 after the great social movements that had shaken the power of the thirty one called "The Old".

The real boss of the FPI is Simone.

         In 1990, Laurent was elected MP. You take the reins of the party, even if you're not officially in the Secretary General. Everyone knows that the real boss of the FPI is Simone. In 1992, after a march that turned violent through the streets of Abidjan, you're arrested with Laurent and his first son Michel, the one he had with a French woman by Alassane Ouattara who was Prime Minister. Nevertheless, when it will be fought by Bédié who succeeded Houphouet-Boigny, your party will ally with him.
         In 1995 you joined the Laurent at MP. You are member of the commune of Abobo, Abidjan. You're not woman you settle for being the wife of a politician. You're a politician. In 1996, Laurent and you are the victim of a serious road accident. You escape death by a miracle. This is when you meet Pastor Moïse Kore, who would become the very official spiritual advisor of your husband after his accession to power, and his unofficial arms dealer. It is he who makes you discover the evangelical faith.
         In 2000, by one of those twists that only Africa has the secret, Lawrence finds himself at the head of the country. Everyone remembers the tears that you had paid the day of his inauguration. Your time had come. Lawrence and were you came to power. "God gave us the Ivory Coast,"
will write you later.

You're not a woman to care for social work.

         You're not a woman to care for social work under the pretext that her husband is president. You'll get elected MP for the same commune of Abobo, vice president of the National Assembly and senior vice president of the FPI, the new ruling party. Alassane Ouattara was barred from running in parliamentary by Laurent Gbagbo, his former ally, just as he had been barred from running for president by General Robert Guei. His supporters took to the streets to protest. Some women are sent to the police academy and raped. Thou art informed. "But what did they go to demonstrate in the streets?"
You exclaimed before you stunned the nation. And shortly after, the TV shows you, praying almost in a trance, in an evangelical church.
         All your actions are full of biblical quotations. And you repeat at every turn that "it is God who gives power, it is God who takes."
One begins to wonder. Especially since you assert yourself almost as a co-president of the Republic. You have got a firm, as president, you get social actors, as a President of the Republic, and you declare to the French magazine L'Express: "All ministers of respect for me. And I often fall over them. "One learns at the same time that Lawrence gave up thy bed to that of the Yankee Nady Bamba. He even married according to Muslim traditions, the Christian that he had followed you in the evangelical faith.

Then came North of the country the 2002 rebellion.

         Then came North of the country the 2002 rebellion. Laurent and you keep the power narrowly. Some of your loved ones are killed, and the country is cut in half. Arise when the death squads who murder all those suspected of supporting the rebellion, because of their origin northerner. And your name starts to be associated with these squads that spread terror. Your mask hardens. Your words against the northerners and immigrants as well.
         After the Linas-Marcoussis Agreement which provides for the sharing of power with the rebels, the chronicle reports that you would have slapped Affi N'Guessan, Prime Minister of your husband, to have it signed. You fight tooth and nail to drain the agreement of any substance. The death squads are rampant all over again. They will continue their sinister operations when Laurent and you have been accused of being the real bosses, and threatened with translation before the International Criminal Court. But you remain the "mother" of the "Young Patriots"
of Blé Goudé who you dedicate a true devotion.

Taking a frenzy enrichment.

         Taking a frenzy enrichment, you buy many businesses, tear out those who do not want you to sell, pulses in the state coffers, make lavish spending during your travels, and you build Moossou a huge palace, your hometown. Everyone in the country is scared of you. The Morning Journal The Swiss evaluates the fortune you had deposited in Swiss banks to 2.49 billion euros.
         Clip-Clop, the Ivory Coast comes to presidential elections in October 2010, on fund rumors of rivalry between you and Nady Bamba. During the campaign, you do a long tour in the North, the land of Nady. This follows the lead you there, asking people to vote for her "husband". In the first round, Laurent is severely beaten in the North. Enjoy it while you in to take over the reins of the campaign were in the hands of Nady.
         Laurent loses this time around the country. According to the chronicle, Nady had advised him to concede defeat. Against which you would have radically different. You could even told Lawrence, "If you do this, is that you do not have one in the pants."
Just the right words to beat the Ivorian male pride. Lawrence was in her panties. It would have proved to many women during his reign of ten years. He also made no secret that he loved the trifle. Lawrence rears and therefore refuses to relinquish power to the great misfortune of the Ivorian people.
         January 15, 2011, you have gathered all your fans at the Palace of Culture, you danced before them, and between prayers to God, you have never claimed that Lawrence would not let you power to Alassane Ouattara you have qualified "bandit leader".

         And Abobo district of which you are the member, but who had the misfortune to vote for Alassane Ouattara, was pounded daily by your militia. March 3, they shot at women gathered outside the town hall, killing seven of them. March 15, they are shells they fired at a market, and about thirty people, including many women, still have died.

Ivory Coast is ablaze.

         Ivory Coast  is ablaze. Corpses are piled in the streets. The dead in the hundreds. People injured Abobo refuse to go to the hospital for fear of being completed. Consider all your wounded militiamen from Abobo as a rebel. Your husband has cut off water and electricity in the north and in districts favorable to Ouattara. Children are dying of hunger, thirst. None of this is the least you fired tear of remorse, a word of compassion. Your TV said that women who have died in Abobo, it was the chewing, the hoax.
         Laurent and you refuse to relinquish power. God gave it to Lawrence. And to you. Only he can take it away. What have these women and men to challenge your power, your power to you, the Simone Jezebel? Remember all the same. When Jezebel is dead, his body was thrown to the dogs.


         According to his personal physician, Dr. Eugene Djedje, Simone Gbagbo could be transferred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to country. Netherlands where her husband is incarcerated since 29 november 2011. An international mandate of the ICC would have been secretly issued, reported February 29, 2012 the Ivorian daily Inter.
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         *Article published by Venance Konan, Group Chief Executive Morning-Fraternity. He is also a writer and author of:
-Prisonniers de la haine (Prisoners of hate),
novel, NIS, Abidjan, 2003.
-Robert and Catapila,
new collections, NIS, Abidjan, 2005.
chronics, Frat-Morning editions, Abidjan, 2007.

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