jeudi 22 mars 2012

Switzerland / France: The Swiss will never cease to impress the French.

A popular vote that revolts the French Communist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon!

         The Left Front candidate for president in 2012, Jean-Mélenchon that has not much chance of being elected president of the French Republic, has complained about the Swiss, who refused six weeks of paid leave against four at present.
Disturbed by such a popular vote, while he advocates the reduction of working time in France, he lied to his voters by accusing the employers of Switzerland.
"I fully understand that the Swiss employers' arguments that uses all the fear and insults against the workers," said MEP on Europe 1 radio Monday.
"I pity with all my heart to be intimidated by employers who convinces them not to take holidays," insisted the co-chair of the Left Party.
"What is holiday? Part of working time taken in the distribution between capital and labor in the service of workers. (...) I am not surprised that the Swiss bosses do not like this," he concluded.

The Swiss observe the evolution of the European Union with puzzlement and concern!

This is the second time in two decades that the Swiss refuse such an initiative and it has never been question of intervention of the employers.
This is especially true since most voters Swiss assets are retired and they have nothing to do with the employers.
In addition to work in Switzerland is considered "an essential value of life" and not as "a chore". Then, the Swiss which  do not have many natural resources as its larger neighbor, have built their prosperity on the work and intelligence.
It's legendary banking secrecy and its strong financial management that made Switzerland a safe haven for money from the rich World (whose French millionaires threatened with being overtaxed) and not just "A safe all the thugs of the earth "in the words of the last communist of Europe, Jean-Luc Melenchon.

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