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UAE: The Challenge of sexologist in niqab in Arabic countries.

Widad Lootah marriage counselor is fully veiled Arab Emirates: the face hidden behind the niqab, like millions of her peers "to imitate the prophet's wives." In a conservative society, his speech seems revolutionary: she proclaims loudly that sex and Islam go hand in hand.
         On the eve of Valentine's Day,  February 14, 2012 was published his book "Top Secret: the rules of sex for married couples"
"Do not be ashamed, do not be shy. Should know to enjoy the love,"
said Lootah Widad the courts of Dubai, in an interview with AFP.
His goal: to break the prejudices that sex in Islam that aims to give birth.

         For her "Sex is in the heart"
of any successful marriage, she says, noting that his experience of eleven years as a counselor made him realize that "what happens in bed" is the leading cause of marital problems in the UAE .

In Islam, sex is for married.

         Anal sex is prohibited and homosexuality is severely punished.
In Islam, sex is only permitted for married couples. "Everything else is permitted, including all the touching,"
said Widad.
         In the public debate and even private sex is yet surrounded by taboo. Widad is yet convinced that we must openly discuss sexuality. Interviews she has granted earned him insults, condemnation and death threats.
         Widad Lootah firmly believes that we must openly discuss sexuality. But she has paid the price for his candor: his book and the many interviews she has granted earned him insults, condemnation and death threats.
         "I was accused of immoral woman, from criminal. Some even accused of being a traitor and a spy in the pay of Israel and the United States," said the mother of three children.

         Despite the controversy, "Mama Widad" as his patients call him working on a new book, "Top Secret: Volume Two".
She must present it in one month to UAE censors. This time she discusses sex prohibited by Islam: "It's about sex with men and lesbians and their impact on the institution of marriage," she says.

She campaigns for sex education in school.

         "It is important to provide sex education to young boys and girls. But we must first educate teachers, "
says Ms. Lootah.
It is in this sense she campaigned with the authorities of the UAE to introduce sex education in schools UAE. Concerning the emancipation of Arab women. When asked this question, she replied "I can not fix everything (...) but I can try to help promote the role in the world."
She is convinced that sexual taboos contribute to high rates of divorce, and generally unhappy marriages in the UAE.
         When asked why she chose this field perilous, she invariably replies that she wants to promote "the rights of women".

         When Saudi Arabia decided to ban any celebration of Valentine's Day, Widad was very nuanced: "If it were simply a day to remember to express your feelings to your loved one Why not? But every day in this case should be Valentine's Day ".

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