vendredi 9 mars 2012

United Kingdom: Discovery of a drug against racism.

Researchers at Oxford University in the UK come to a strange discovery. In analyzing the effects of Propranolol, a drug intended to fight against high blood pressure, reducing heart rate, they discovered it had other virtues.
         According to them, people who take this medication see their racist decrease significantly.
         The study was conducted on 36 white males. After swallowing the drug for some and for others a placebo, patients were tested on unconscious racial bias.
         The result is very disturbing: the patients taking Propranolol have been less racist in their remarks that patients who ingested a placebo.
         Only a third of those tested with Propranolol showed racial bias.
"While in general this is something that we observe a large majority of people,"
explains researcher Sylvia Terbeck.
         "Some people are already wondering if we should use this medicine for racism,"
she concluded.
         But above all would it not be accepted racism as a true pathology?

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