lundi 12 mars 2012

USA: The youngest American patriot.

44 Presidents by recognizing their faces, by their names and nicknames are not accessible to all Americans. Neither for adults nor for students.
         But Zephyr, this young physiognomist, three years before the fact mechanically the computer screen or on cards bearing the likeness of Presidents.
         On a video posted on YouTube, sitting on the lap of his grandmother, he points his finger in the name very distinctly pronounced of each U.S. president. What is funny grandmother in awe of his young prodigy and passionate about his grand-son.
         Beyond the simple early infallible memory, this toddler still surprised when he said the nickname "Teddy Bear" of Theodore Roosevelt or "Bad guy" Ibrahim Lincoln he considers his favorite.          Faultless for Zephyr knows that Barack Obama is also the 44th President of the United States and is currently based. Impressive is not it?
         In the history, wisdom and power of Cyrus, King of Persia came to him from his prodigious memory that enabled him to retain the names of all his soldiers, Mithridates VI Eupator (132-63 BC. AD), King of Pontus (northern Turkey) administered justice in the twenty-two languages ​​of his kingdom without an interpreter while the philosopher, historian, orator and politician Greek, Metrodorus of Scepsis, author of "History of Trigrane"
with faculty mnemonics legendary retained after a single repeat everything you told him ....
         Who can say if this young "absolute memory"
will not one day he himself President of the United States, if God lends him a bright future?

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