vendredi 6 avril 2012

Australia: When the opposition shot under the skirt.

The Australian Conservative opponent, Germaine Green, said the Prime Minister Julia Gillard was badly dressed and her ass was too big.
"Every time she turns, there's this weird horizontal fold, which means that (his pants) are too narrow hips", said recently at ABC, Ms. Germaine Green, a lovely controversy and advertising. "you have a big behind Julia, you need to accept it," she added.
Asked what his disparaging comment from party colleague, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said: "I know, I know. Germaine Green is right on that point."
         The next day he hastened to present his apologies, but the damage was done because this short exchange, during a meeting with residents had been filmed by a television crew and images are widely distributed.
"It was a remark to the punch (...). I should not have to do it and I regret it," said Friday Tony Abbott, who heads the conservative party.
Ms Julia Eileen Gillard (born in Wales in September 1961), leader of a Labour government, is the first woman Prime Minister of Australia.
When this former lawyer of strong character took the place of the previous Prime Minister June 24, 2010, during an internal Labour coup, Australia was stunned.
The country was at once found headed by a woman prime minister, an atheist, cohabiting, childless and perfectly happy in her choice.

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