samedi 7 avril 2012

Belgium: Queen Fabiola and Cosmetic Surgery.

         To please her then-suitor, the King Baudouin ier that the Congolese have called "Bwana-Kitoko-the Beautyfull  Boy," his beauty was so striking, Dona Fabiola di Mora Aragon (later Queen Fabiola) has engaged in a in this perilous time: Rhinoplasty, that is to say nose surgery.
         Indeed in the fifties, the correction of the nose was already one of the most cosmetic surgery performed in the 1950s by surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery and neck .
         Not being of royal blood, di Dona Fabiola Mora y Aragon had only her beauty to win in the upscale world of Gotha.
         She wanted to reduce the size of his nose, because she was not of royal blood (very important at the time, the norm today, when they are not outright commoners) would be best. This has obviously succeeded because she was able to marry a king and love until the end of his days.
         "As for Baldwin I, in fact, it symbolizes all that Europe represents,"
says a journalist with Dutch "De Morgen" after delivering a speech in honor of Queen Fabiola of the European Parliament.
         That's what the biography reveals Firmin J. Urbiola, a Spanish journalist, devoted tothe white queen” that cost him two years of work.
         "Twenty years after Baldwin's death, she remained true to itself and its people, the Belgians. Why she still lives in Belgium? You do not believe that it would make more sense for her to live in Madrid, that life would be easier and more enjoyable? But it does not deal with frivolities. It does not seek personal pleasure. She wants to be in service to others. "

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