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"Biographical Dictionary of Africans"

"To understand the History and the evolution of Africa"

After seventeen strenuous research, we finally published our "Biographical Dictionary of Africans" soon to be published electronically and later in other languages.
         This is a historic event since it is the first dictionary of its kind written by a single African.
         We took the risk of burglary penetrate into the intimate lives of heads of state, kings, queens in exposing us to the law of treason. But the game is worth it not a candle?
         Authorized biographies have a defect that we have avoided cleverly: hagiographic drift!
         "For in the words of Lucien Ablancourt: " Those are mistaken who divide history into two parts: the useful and delightful, and they will include praise. (...) The historian should aim that the utility that takes a true story, and if he mixes some pleasure in his work, do not make it to corrupt the truth but to make it better to receive."

         Unlike dictionaries written by several "hands" harmony with one hand, makes its easy to read at once reducing its volume (832 pages).
Details distinguish our work thoroughly searched for "Who is Who?"
Written in telegraphic style, in vogue in the "Magazines and Newspapers."
         Its spontaneous appearance in Brussels and Kinshasa allows wide dissemination in the West and Africa.
         Its reduced price makes it accessible to many users as possible.
When you have read it, Africa will seem otherwise: it will be "The Continent of Light".

This prompted us to undertake this mammoth task.

         Sophocles (497-405 BC) said: "Explode who want, but my History however humble, I still want to know"
For centuries, the history of Africa was "anonymous," wrote the Polish journalist and writer Ryszard Kapuscinski. Despite the subtlety of intellectuals to want to relegate to the fringes of civilization, its part in the march of world history is more than ever immeasurable.
         Since ancient Egypt until the late twentieth century, his illustrious son and daughters have earned the lion's share in the evolution of the World.
         The third millennium is an occasion to look back on the history of Africa through the life and work of its actors and actresses.
Africa is referred to is the whole of Africa, from north to south, from east to west, regardless of race, color, language and religion.
         All countries (big or small) gave birth to many illustrious personalities, so the dictionary covers all African States the twenty-first century without prejudging the value of such personalities as compared to the size of their country. Our goal is to give each user, according to his interest, references to the man or woman he wants to know.
         Some have made history, others were victims, many are his creatures.
         They are conquerors, politicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, athletes, musicians, artists, religious, saints, popes or humble citizens, whose fates are confused with that of their region, their country and their continent.
         They deserve the pedestal or the gallows of history, that worships the one or abhor them, they are, beyond all controversy, marks the inescapable memory of the continent and are at the Like monuments and / or pyramids, his legacy to universal cultural heritage.

"Biographical Dictionary of Africans"
To understand the history and evolution of Africa
Editions Buku / LE CRI
Kinshasa and Brussels,
ISBN 978-2-8710-6567-8
€ 40.00

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