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Iraq: The political revenge of the donkey on genocide.

         Unforgettable images of children burned with chemical weapons!

         From February to September 1988, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein decides to exterminate the Kurds. His right arm Ali Hassan al-Majid nicknamed "Chemical Ali or the Butcher of Kurdistan" (1941 - hanged in 2010) sends helicopters filled chemical bombs raze entire villages of the current governorate of As-Sulaymaniyah.
         The city hardest hit by the
chemical bombs is Halabja (5,000 victims), 17 and 18 March 1988. And these are the horrors of children, women, old dead charred, shown by all the television world which marks the end of Saddam Hussein and justify the Iraq war, waged by the United States, the Great Britain and a coalition of other states in 2003. In 2005, Iraqi Kurds becoming independent and Jalal Talabani became president of the Irakian Republic.
         Including convicted for "crimes against humanity" and hanged Dec. 30, 2006, the Iraqi dictator will always haunt Kurdistan.

The triumph of the mountain ass.

         Since April 11, 2012, at the center of Sulaymaniyah, the second city of the Autonomous Region of
Kurdistan Iraqi  Now a throne-like statue provocative: a bust of a donkey with big ears, wearing a shirt, jacket and Tie a long drooping tie on its pedestal of pink granite.
         On the base, reads the epigram in honor of the donkey, written by
Mela Khidri Ehmedi Shaweysi Mikhayill, aka Nali (1797-1856), a famous Kurdish poet.
         The sculpture, which measures 1.8 meters high and 1.1 wide, required seven months of work by the
Kurdish artist Mira Zeral  and cost a total of 4,000 U.S. Dollars.
         The bust  was commissioned by the "Party of donkeys"
founded and registered in 2005.

Owner: "The party of donkeys."

         The administrative structure of the single party in the world is based on the life of this donkey, and the headquarters and its branches have names associated with this animal as donkey or ass.
         This political paty, absolutely unique in the Arab world where the donkey is often abused, has filed a grant application to the Kurdistan Regional Government to open a radio station called "Zarin (braying)," cry of the donkey in Kurdish.
         On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the bust of the donkey in suits and ties, the Secretary General of the party of donkeys, Omar Kalol, expressed the hope that it will encourage the Kurds to better treated animals and especially "donkeys".
         The General Secretary of  Party of donkeys, Omar Kalol, expressed the hope that it will encourage the people of Kurdistan to better treat animals, especially donkeys.
         "The donkey has played a very important role in the Kurdish national liberation movement. (...) He was the friend of the fighters in the mountains when they were fighting for the rights of their people,"
he said, referring to the years of guerrilla warfare in northern Iraq and Iran against the central government.
         Iraqi Kurdistan, very fertile area is populated by 4,380,000 people (2009) over an area of ​​80.000Km2. This is a very mountainous region with the top of Dar Cheekah which rises to 3,611 meters. It is also rich in oil operated for decades.

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