samedi 28 avril 2012

The origin of the crime of treason!

"Let us hasten to laugh at everything for fear of having to cry," said Beaumarchais.

         A king particularly "megalomaniac" who wanted to wear a suit custom and impossible to imitate, had hewn thousands of clothes of all kinds. But at each of its outputs, its courtiers who did everything to be like him, were being cut the same suit.
         One day a "rastaquouère", particularly malicious, having understood his concern, he promised to cut a dress "Really" inimitable. He took his time to better enjoy the splendor of the court and to believe in people he worked hard. In the most beautiful Royal Palace workshop equipped with modern machines of the time, he pretended to cut, measure, cut, ironing a garment that was the only one to receive.
         The National Day, the king wanted to wear his clothes invisible. The cunning tailor appeared in the royal apartments with an armful of clothes invisible.
         No subject had suspected the deception until the time of the ceremonies which the king appeared stark naked.
Of course, the scammer had pocketed his due, and took the key fields.
For fear of being called idiots, the humble courtiers dared not look up at the Royal Physical chubby.

Look mom, the king is naked!

         The good people, whose sole duty was to cheer, whispered scandal, but no one dared raise their voices, until a kid pointed his finger at the royal procession, shouting with laughter: "Mom, look, the king is naked ".
         Anyone who laughed were arrested, beaten, tortured and even killed. They had committed a crime of treason!
The heat and the wind gave them reason and the poor creature knew only this time it really was naked and had pierced the ceiling of ridicule.
         This king, we all know him: just watch carefully what happens in our presidential or royal palaces, reading between the lines of our newspapers to find "gems", it is important not to pick up under pain of being accused of lese majesty.
         What are imaginary, ephemeris of our "Daily", out bowls of singers and buffoons that are our modern journalists and reporters or the public imagination, these pearls are saying out loud what we think quietly.
         The most beautiful royal anecdotes are, alas, those that will tell them the kings, they must still become publicly known through other channels than those of "Memoirs and Reminiscences
" of fallen kings or aging.
         Often, cartoonists are accused of lese majesty, even though time and history gives them some reason!

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