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Spain / France / Italy: Reasons not to get sick and die in Europe.

 It was forbidden to get sick Zagra.

         In 2001, Mayor Zagra, near Granada (Andalucía) in southern Spain, was forbidden by local laws in its 1200 managed to "get sick" for lack of medical care on weekends. Offenders, stated his order, "run the risk of dying."
Mayor Zagra, intended to protest against the lack of permanent doctors in his commune.
         People who become ill outside of consulting hours (six hours per day Monday to Friday) should be transported to a hospital 20 km distant, but the road to it is full of turns and nest-holes.
         So that even an ambulance is a good hour to travel the distance, giving the patient many opportunities to pass the bucket on the way. Chances are that his initiative to make the response of health authorities.
         Meanwhile, he should pray for as children, women and men do not Zagra cold weekend.

Interdition to die at Cugnaux.

         In November 2007, Philippe Guerin, Mayor Cugnaux (Haute-Garonne) in France took a bylaw prohibiting "any person not having vault, to die on the territory of the commune. Violators will be severely punished for their actions ".
         "The only field that corresponds to the municipal water quantity and geological features is located on a perimeter of the airbase Francazal, and given the proximity of an ammunition depot, it is forbidden to any construction," says Peter Laffaille , assistant to mayor of this town on the outskirts of Toulouse.
         The Mayor has indicated that less than twenty new licenses currently available in two cemeteries of the town and a hundred would be available in the planned extension of the two cemeteries.
"The situation is not critical for 2008, but will be in two or three years if nothing is done today,"
says Mr. Laffaille yet to justify why the mayor refuses any new request to purchase new concessions.
         Sixty deaths occur in Cugnaux, but the mayor feared an increase under the age structure of Cugnalais.
         The municipality with 13,000 inhabitants is twinned with communes including Culan (Cher) and Curtafond (Rhone-Alpes region), Cucugnan (Languedoc-Roussillon), of Cuguron (region of Midi-Pyrenees), of Cubzac-les-Ponts (Quitaine region) and Cumières le Mort Homme (Meuse Loraine region).
         The military base is closed Francazal in 2009, died Cugnalaises Cugnalais and be able to finally rest in peace in their community?

It is now forbidden to die Falcino del Marssico

         Nobody wants to die naturally. Wearing since March 5, 2012, by bylaw, "it is forbidden to residents or people passing across the border from earthly life to go beyond."
         The 4,000 inhabitants of a village near Naples, Italy are warned. And if they sought to disregard the order in dying, they will not know where to be buried. Because the cemetery is now owned Falcino the neighboring commune.
         This story begins in 1964, recalls the daily Corriere del Mezzogiorno, when the village became an autonomous municipality, that year, "the person who made the division of territory did not need to include an overview part of the cemetery.

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