vendredi 27 avril 2012

Uganda: Hide that breast that I can not see.

Ugandan remove the top.

         An Ugandan police riot  has allowed to touch a conductive part of a breast: "The incident took place during the arrest of a woman suspected of various violations of traffic laws and refused to comply with lawful instructions of a police officer. It seems that this lady has suffered an assault while resisting arrest. "
said James Baba, Minister for Home Affairs, in a statement, without specifying whether the agent in question was a man or a woman.
         An officer in riot gear was filmed by a spirit to enter into Ingrid Turinawe, one of the leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change, the main opposition party, to get her out of his car and stop at an attempted opposition rally.
         To declare their discontent, a dozen of women have shown, for some in bra, towards the main police station in the capital.
         On their placards that showed images of the National Television, that read in part: "How do you feel if you pressed the balls?"

         In a country where homosexuality legislation that tries to impose the former colonial power, Britain, generating significant controversy, the incident provoked a wave of protest.
         Female nudity is reused in politics today to express discontent against laws that discriminate against women.

As the Rape of the Sabines.

         Historians, the Roman Livy (59-17 B.C.), his compatriot Dionysius of Halicarnassus (60 BC-8 AD.) and the Greek Plutarch (46-126 AD.) told in mythology Roman, that just after the founding of Rome, the early Romans procured women by flying to neighboring Sabine families.
         Historians indicate that there was no rape because of the diplomacy of Romulus.
         The latter refused to mixed marriages do not give one company control.
         Led by their King Titus Tatius, the Sabine also declare war on Rome. They almost manage to conquer the city through the treachery of Tarpeia.
         Tarpeia, daughter of Spurius Tarpeius, governor of the citadel on the Capitoline Hill opens the doors to the Sabines in exchange for "what they wear on their arms. " She thought to receive their gold bracelets, but instead, the Sabines crushed to death with their shields and she was thrown from the rock that bears his name, the Tarpeian Rock.
         Several Sabines indignant tore their clothes up to express their disapproval of the war between their brothers and future husbands.
         "[They] went, courageous in the midst of projectiles, their hair disheveled and their clothes torn. Current in the space between the two armies, they tried to stop any new confrontation and to calm the passions by calling their fathers in one of the armies and their husbands in the other, not to call down a curse on their heads and the stain of parricide that of their offspring, in getting their hands dirty with the blood of their son in law and stepfather. They shouted: -If these relationships, if you are hateful marriage is against us that we must turn your anger, it is we who are the cause of this war.
         We prefer to die rather than survive our husbands or fathers, widows or orphans to stay. Emotion wins both soldiers and leaders. Not content to make peace, they gather into one the two States, the kingdom put together, carry the seat in Rome. "
This episode in Roman mythology was the basis of many paintings, novels, plays, films and still inspires many talents, etc. ...
         It was the first time that female nudity was used in politics .... mythological!

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