mardi 1 mai 2012

China / Tibet: When the Dalai Lama meets a beautiful woman.

Single by his mission and his function, the Dalai is subject to a vow of chastity.
         Asked about his celibacy by the journalist Piers Morgan on the TV channel CNN Television, the Tibetan spiritual leader, and temporal leader of the former Government of Tibet in exile, is not immune to feminine charm Tibetan monk, incarnation of the "bodhisattva of compassion"
"Sometimes I see and feel is very nice."
"But then I remember that it is hard work, it causes many problems. Even in my dreams when I see women, I remember that I am a monk."
The spiritual leader finds that his vow of chastity is not difficult to meet. "Married people, their mental and emotional state ... Too many ups and downs. Over time, we monks, it also has benefits."

Will there a next Dalai Lama?

         The chinese government said that the next Dalai Lama will be born in China and will be chosen by China.
What the current Dalai Lama replied:

"If the present situation in Tibet remains the same, I shall be born outside Tibet, away from the control of Chinese authorities. It makes sense. The very purpose of reincarnation is to continue the unfinished work of the previous incarnation. So if the Tibetan situation is still not resolved, it is logical that I be reborn in exile, to continue my work unfinished. "

         In February 2010, the Dalai Lama said: "If a majority of Tibetans feel that the institution of the Dalai Lama has no meaning, then the institution must cease to exist, there is no problem. "
         Adding with a laugh, " It seems that the Chinese are more worried than me for this institution. "

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  1. Now that the Dalai Lama faces death vía poisoned women trained by the chinese, ir will be tough for him to travel abroad and deliver ''his message''. Besides,according to him, no reincarnation would take place in case he is murdered. No Protocol ever installed for assasinations, right?