mercredi 9 mai 2012

DR Congo: A true miracle at the head of government.

Mobutu, the chosen of God and the Indian sign.

         During the long reign of 32 years of Mobutu, during Salmigondi slogans in praise of Mobutu's Zaire're singing in Lingala: "Nzambi Aponi yo," a song  which means diverted "God has chosen you to head the Zaire" .
Did God really choose Mobutu to "digest" the country and leave it in a dilapidated condition irreversible? We doubt it 15 years after the disappearance of Zaire and the Leader of the Revolution authentic.
Upon learning of the bombing of the plane of the late President of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana May 4, 1994, Mobutu exclaims: "This is the Indian sign." front of his close associates aback that do not understand it. He knows at that moment that his end is near in a deafening noise from the impressive spectacle of millions of Rwandan refugees clochardisés invading his bare foot Grand countries and six months of war of another era.
May 17, 1997, Zaire was sinking into the abyss and finally disappeared with his guide informed replaced by the Democratic Republic of Congo soon plagued by serious challenges (epidemics, civil wars, mass rape, etc ...).
God had chosen that Mobutu had he veiled the face not to see millions of innocent people die for nothing?

From a false God's chosen to a real miracle!

On 12 February 2012, a plane crashed on Kavumu airport near Bukavu. In shock, the fuselage broke into pieces.
Six passengers died in quick succession. The Finance Minister Matata Ponyo comes out almost unscathed. Rushed in South Africa, he is doing quickly. A true miracle. A few days later, he quietly resumed his work at the Boulevard Lumumba in Kinshasa.
The accident took the lives particularly the member Katanga and adviser to President Joseph Kabila, Augustin Katumba Muanke.
April 18, 2012, on Augustine Matata Ponyo (47) that President Joseph Kabila set his heart and Prime Minister appoints four months after many months of procrastination.
After being saved by a divine hand, will he be able to perform miracles?

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