dimanche 20 mai 2012

France / Switzerland: The Sexual Harassment according to Marc Bonnant*

A statement by the French Constitutional Council has repealed the law prohibiting sexual harassment. Cries of ospreys and strangulation,. The aviary and feminist rhetoric ran vibronne: it is the woman being murdered ...
         Some, in memory of their heroic activist grandmothers, throw their bras and nettles to defy Newton's law of falling bodies.
         Other cultivated, the reference to Aristophanes draw their battle: Lysistrata .. You remember: the profession of arms summoned the Athenian men at the front. To divert them from war, their wives decided to deny them the love: a sex strike.
         The Athenians who were seeking their legitimate wives more courtesy than enthusiasm, their refusal lived not as a deprivation, but as a relief. He remained in those days happy, éromènes and youths. Seekers of pleasure. The narrow gate ...
         Returning to the harassment. The subject is serious does not deserve that for irony.
Women are formidable redoubts that we must take our words alone flexuous and fluted. Crimp the fragments of our love discourse. Raise them to the song of minstrels.
         Addressing the woman, this land forever unknown, with amazement and humility. Their gift is a grace; their refusal, sacred. Women must be taken at his word.

The woman who offers herself at the same time she refuses ...

Alas, man is a simple structure, not to write rudimentary. He is mistaken on the signs he misinterprets: breasts that protrude, a rump that ripples beyond the strict necessity of the movement, legs uncrossed how to Sharon Stone (unsurpassable fantasy), it considers an invitation to travel.
         The woman who offers herself, while it refuses, the disconcerted. He sees his reluctance coquetry which casts doubt on his innocence. The evasions of women are for us sinners, for many provocations to stir the senses. Pity for mankind.
         We who are unequivocal in our sadly impulses, we should learn the ambivalence of feminine desire. Not consider our attacks as so many tributes.
         Do not think that a woman who complains is that .. ungrateful.Stifle what comes. Never accompany a diaper with one hand laudatrice. We prohibit, on its way any raw exclamation, interjection or wheezing.
In his view, not to touch or catch the main point, whereby the Mediterranean told her excitement and conjure the spell.

Is taught courtly love in primary school

Never say no to a beautiful woman as his qualities of his mind as a desirable woman alone merits badges earned him the prominent role it plays in the City.
No doubt the legislature will give the job on the book and a new law, more conceptually rigorous, protect the modesty offended.
         It is necessary, but it is a great pity that we should criminalize the lack of taste and manners. The rules of seduction and the court should not covered by the right.
Learn here ... it would issue more than teaching law.
         Our mothers, our teachers - not a judge nor, of grace, a jugesse us learn that we are less expected than we want and less than we hope.
Is taught courtly love in primary school, rather than sex education according to the execrable breviary of Zep.

         Basically, the expression of desire for men should be educated. Than others - be they import-manualisent.
Or playing sports.
*Marc Bonnant, a lawyer practicing in Geneva is considered one of the best speakers in Switzerland.
* Article published in "Le Matin Dimanche" May 20, 2012.

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