samedi 5 mai 2012

Germany: Adolf Hitler was a cocaine addict and “pétomane”!

         Medical documentation of the German Führer, Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) reveal that he regularly took cocaine to relieve his sinuses and throat.
Those same documents show that he suffered numerous other health problems, especially if rash (erythematous rash) and especially embarrassing flatulence. This probably justifies his character stuck and grumpy.
         At the end of life, Adolf Hitler showed visible symptoms of Parkinson's disease and suffered from Syphilis.
         These documents were provided to the U.S. military by his personal physicians including Theodor Gilbert Morell the megalomaniac (1886-1948), arrested by U.S. Occupation Forces 17 July 1945 which was accused of having contributed to the deterioration of the physical and mental health of Adolf Hitler towards the end of his life. These documents were accompanied by his skull. They were offered for sale via the website Alexander Historical Auctions.

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  1. Je savais pasa si H. etait fou ou non. Maintenant, c'est plus facile a dire

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