samedi 5 mai 2012

Senegal: Is it better to be rich before or after the presidency?

Abdoulaye Wade (86 years) in power in Senegal for 12 years and his family are preparing to defend themselves in dubious political and financial affairs. Indeed, the Senegalese family accused the outgoing president to be at the base of business that led to unjust enrichment.
While the newly elected president, Macky Sall (50 years) is already attracting the lightning of his countrymen. Because, having been elected to avoid the political and financial scandals of his predecessor Abdoulaye Wade, he refuses to declare his own heritage.
         Because, it turns out that the elected president of Senegal in April 2012, former Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly, is very rich from the information site Senegalese Siweul.
Quickly taken up by many Senegalese media, the article is based on the famous declaration of assets of the president, it reveals that Macky Sall, already owns several houses in Senegal, would own two houses further abroad, in Canada and the United States.
         "The president Macky Sall would also have an impressive fleet, consisting of 35 vehicles and not the least," notes the site. Seven bank accounts in his name have also been identified but the site can "give the exact status of accounts."

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