dimanche 20 mai 2012

Ten misunderstandings between Chinese and foreigners.

Westerners and Chinese have different attitudes because of their cultural differences. To foster mutual understanding, here are the ten most common mistakes.

1. Dinner

When the Chinese invite a stranger at home for dinner to show their friendship, they serve the guests. Instead, foreigners like guests choose for themselves the foods they prefer.

2. Visits

The Chinese like to take a look around at their friends during a visit. But foreigners consider this as spying on other people's secrets.

3. Gifts

The Chinese prefer to double the gifts, for example, two bottles of wine, first to show their generosity, second for double happiness. However, in the West, it often sounds a single bottle of wine as a gift.

4. The look

In speaking with others or making a speech, unlike aliens, many Chinese do not exchange glances with their audience.

5. The applause

In a speech, if others cheer, a Chinese speaker stops talking and applauded with the others to show his appreciation. Foreigners do not understand why we applaud ourselves.

6. To say goodbye.

The Chinese show their feelings in a relatively modesty. In bidding farewell, they retain their tears, do not hug. These behaviors "cold" astonish foreigners.

7. Designation

Foreigners are upset when they hear the Chinese call them "Laowal" (old foreigner), because they are healthy. But when they discover that the "Chinese" foreigners called the children "Laowal", they finally understand that "Lao" is a mark of respect.

8. Travel

When a Chinese is traveling: if a Chinese wants to buy gifts for the whole group, it does so even if a person declines the offer, foreigners do not like that, thinking comply the decision to do so.

9. Acknowledgments.

The Chinese do not do not say "thank you" to family members and friends. The terms of politeness as "thank you" or "please" are expected for foreigners.

10. Praise.

Westerners like to praise others and being complimented by others. But the Chinese "often refuse the praise of others with modesty”. Foreigners are sometimes strange that refusal.
By politeness or courtesy, the Chinese like to show their concern for others. For example, it is customary to say to his guests: "Are you tired? Relax. "
However, Westerners understand this as a concern about their health. They prefer to be seen as young and strong. They can even be upset that there are concerns about their health.

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