dimanche 27 mai 2012

U.S.A.: Former President Bill Clinton poses for a photo with the Porn Stars.

"This stuff gets out of hand! Sorry Bill, we love you "

         This is what Brooklyn Lee, one of porn star wrote on Twitter to apologize to former U.S. President Bill Clinton if he finds that this picture where he poses between her and Tasha Reign, his fellow star porn (and a third lady. Innocente)
         During a gala casino in Monte Carlo, France, Bill Clinton posed with two of three invited ...: Tasha Reign Lee and Brooklyn are the stars of X.  
         Lee, very  proud of the feat was quick to post the picture on Twitter, without thinking of the consequences of his act.
         As might be expected, the photo caused a stir on the web. Poor Bill Clinton, still trapped by women! His reputation already tarnished in 1997 by the Monica Lewinsky affair became even more sulphurous.
         It is certain that Mr. Clinton did not know the trade exercised by these two ladies living of the exhibition and sale of their charms had won the award for best sex scene.
         TNZ still reports that young women have had them repacked by agents of the former U.S. president became a philanthropist. Were they not donor from the Bill Clinton like all other guests that night?
Everyone knows that money has no smell, especially in a casino regardless of its international reputation!
         And Damn! Bill Clinton did more than make these Rush ... it is no longer a candidate of the next Nobel Peace Prize!

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