lundi 14 mai 2012

U.S.A.: Obama, a ray of sunshine on Humanity *

Slowly, you appear in a dark clear sky, you rise, you rise.

First, very little attention, You have over, at most, a little surprise and some curiosities.

But, your dazzling light eventually illuminating the faces and half-open eyes and hearts
In view of your ascension, some remembered that "I have a dream" prophetic.
However, doubts persisted and some wondered: does this dream come true does not it too early?
Is it possible, just 40 years after the Rev. Martin Luther King had proclaimed?
Obama, are not you also the symbol of what the French Academician, the African humanist and former President of the Republic of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor predicted:
"The future belongs to the mixed  biological and cultural!"

Biologically mixed, relieve your physical unity of humanity: the White and Black;
Culturally, your story is the ultimate convergence of religions and civilizations,
Those of the East and West:
The son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother,
Born of an African father, adopted by an Asian uncle and raised by an American grandmother;
African brother of a sister and another sister Indonesian
And finally, the husband of an African-American woman,
You embody to You, alone, the dream of Reverend King, "to see his country, America, the white child and black child, hand in hand".

Sunbeam, Barak Hussein Obama, you are there as a child prodigy: beautiful, brilliant, hard-hitting.
Best out of your mouth the words dream: reconciliation, freedom, dignity, social justice, ...
In America, your rayons are delighted of the Universe: Africa, Europe and Asia,
I warm the hearts and gives Hope to recover from lost mankind.
You pull the world of gloom created by social crises, economic, spiritual, etc..
You mark a turning point in history and walking works of the late human heartbreak.

With you, the world begins to believe that chaos is not inevitable.
The war of the sexes, races, generations, religions can be avoided.
That wars, ideologies and stereotypes that divide humans can fade.
That dialogue can be resumed between communities, cultures, religions, genders and generations.

God bless you and strengthen you so that the White House, you may continue to project a lot of warmth and thousands of lights that will allow humanity to come to terms with itself and create a world of peace, of Equity / Equality and Justice, which will make us worthy of the Founding Fathers and that dream will finally come true of Reverend King, both in America and around the world!
* Article by Dr. B. Aoua LY-TALL published in Pambazuka No. 85 of January 23, 2009.
Dr. B.-Aoua LY-TALL is a sociologist and Associate Researcher at the Institute of Women Studies,
University Ottawa, Canada

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