dimanche 10 juin 2012

France: President Francois Hollande and the flag of Holland.

June 6, 2012, Mr. Jacques Paul, UMP deputy of the Gironde requested that the official portrait of the new French president, François Hollande be redone because of "confusion" aroused, he said, by the position of the French flag reminiscent of that of the Netherlands.
"There is a real problem in this photo. When you look, you see the flag displayed on the wall of the Elysée, blue, white and red are the vertical," noted with the AFP UMP deputy, co-founder of the Right People.

"If you put it right, the colors are long: it's not the French flag, the Dutch flag! (...) Note, this is normal when, Francois Hollande," Mr. Garraud said ironically.
"The flag issue is a sensitive issue. Should have been paying attention," he said, referring to "a sign of amateurism, of carelessness and lightness."
         "I ask that it be redone, especially since it has not yet arrived in town halls," the incumbent, candidate Sunday in the 10th district of the Gironde.
The official portrait of President Francois Hollande was conducted May 29, 2012 by famed French photographer Raymond Depardon.
The new president in a dark suit was photographed in the gardens of the Elysee on the walls of which are made ​​the French and European flags. This portrait is intended to display in all public buildings in the country.

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